The Flash Extended Trailer Teases Zoom's Unmasking

Season 2 of The Flash has brought a lot of changes to its heroes, such as a shifted status-quo, new enemies, the existence of Earth-2, and the revelation of an entire multiverse that could potentially change the way DC and Warner Bros. manage their comics-to-TV properties. But it's also brought the threat of a new recurring villain in Zoom, whose impending threat has imperiled both of the known Barry Allens as well as their respective allies.

Now, a new extended trailer detailing the season's future events has dropped, and has managed to ratchet up the tension for the series' return on February 16. 

The trailer, which appears to incorporate footage beyond the next episode, is less concerned with making viewers aware of general upcoming events than driving home to singular point of Zoom as a looming threat and the difficult position he places two Earths worth of potential victims. The trailer even concludes on a tease that Zoom's true identity might be revealed sooner rather than later. Additionally, a certain fan-favorite villain, whose return had already been confirmed, also makes a brief but pointed cameo appearance.

Flash Season 2 Enter Zoom Reveal

While some fans have been down on season 2, others feel the introduction of the Multiverse and the ability of characters to meet their dopplegangers from Earth-2 has opened up exciting new story possibilities exemplified by the series' planned crossover with Supergirl and the ongoing mystery surrounding Zoom. Not bad for a series that some initially feared was too light and conventional to share a network with the edgier Arrow.

In the comics, there have been multiple evil Flashes, with ("Professor") Zoom and Reverse Flash having referred to the same character at least once. While the identity of Zoom (singular) has yet to be revealed, several prominent fan theories have become ubiquitous in fandom communities, with a revived Thawne or Barry's own father (from either Earth) being among the most popular guesses. And while the presence of Earth-2 is bound to complicate any mystery, thus far The Flash has seemingly brought fans on board with the idea of the multiverse coming to television to explain the non-continuity between various unrelated series.

With season 2 heading into into its back half, there's plenty of time for big revelations to set up major events for the finale. Kevin Smith, who has previously written several titles for DC Comics, has been announced as the director of an upcoming episode set to air in May of this year.

The Flash airs Tuesdays @8pm on The CW. Arrow airs Wednesdays @8pm on The CW. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow premieres on The CW on Thursday, January 21, 2016. Vixen will continue on CW Seed later this year.

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