The Flash Season 2: Mark Hamill's Trickster Will Return

The Flash Season 2 Mark Hamill Return Trickster

The pilot episode of The CW's second DC Comics television series, The Flash, was littered with Easter eggs and references to the character's comic book history. The series also paid homage to another show based on the speedster by casting one-time Flash John Wesley Shippas Henry Allen, father to Grant Gustin's Barry Allen. The CW series further honored the '90s Flash by bringing back Mark Hamill (Star Wars) to reprise his role as James Jesse, a.k.a. The Trickster.

Hamill only appeared in one episode, 'Tricksters', alongside a new version of the titular villain, Axel Walker (Devon Graye) -- who took up the mantle of the character in DC Comics' New 52. However, although The Flash may have thwarted The Trickster's nefarious plans for Central City in season 1, the villain will be back in season 2. is reporting The CW and Warner Bros. have confirmed Hamill's return on The Flash following rumors of the actor appearing in season 2. The rumors began when a photo surfaced from the set of The Flash depicting Hamill in what appears to be a prison with a wall full of anti-Flash art. However, it's unconfirmed how many episodes in which Hamill will appear or when he'll make his return.

The Flash Season 1 Tricksters Mark Hamill John Wesley Shipp

Season 1 of The Flash largely focused on Barry attempting to find and defeat the Reverse-Flash as well as clear his father's name for his mother's death. The two story threads were wrapped up by the season 1 finale, when the Reverse-Flash was thwarted by Eddie Thawne (Rick Cosnett), and the season 2 premiere, in which Barry's father Henry is exonerated and released from prison. However, the second season has already begun to set up Zoom (Tony Todd) as The Flash's main villain in the show's sophomore outing.

Since Hamill's Trickster was a one-off villain in The Flash's first season, it's likely his character will have a similarly small part in season 2. The Trickster may return to offer insight to Barry in his battle against Zoom, or another villain, though another possibility is that The Trickster breaks out from prison (again) and wreaks all sorts of havoc, forcing Barry (again) to take action. However, fans hoping to see another '90s Flash reunion between Hamill and Shipp may be out of luck as it seems Henry Allen is on his way out of Central City, following his release from prison.

Of course, Shipp could potentially return to The Flash, though it seems unlikely given the abrupt manner in which his character's arc ended in the season 2 premiere. In terms of Hamill reprising his role, though, too little is known at the moment to truly predict in what capacity The Trickster will return. But, given the art seen in the set photo, it's certain the villain has been focused on the Scarlet Speedster since last we saw him.

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The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8pm on The CW.


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