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The Flash season 2 promotional images

[WARNING - This article contains for SPOILERS for The Flash season 2 finale.]


Tragedy comes with the job when you're a superhero, so much so it might as well be written in the job description -- there's a good chance the people closest to you will die. Recently, no one understands that better than Barry Allen, who in this week's episode of The Flash witnessed Zoom murder his father, Henry. And it's only the latest in a string of losses for Barry, made all the more heartbreaking when we consider his father had only just returned to Central City, ready to reconnect with his son.

Though they're reeling from Henry's death, Team Flash will need to keep it together because Zoom isn't finished with them yet. Next week's finale is expected to be even more shocking, with Kevin Smith previously teasing that season 2's ending is "insanely strong." What we've seen of the episode in the trailer suggests Zoom and Barry's grudge match will be decided by a race to determine who's the fastest, which, frankly, does sound a little silly, especially given the emotional turmoil Zoom has inflicted on just about everyone.

But nothing is ever that simple with Zoom, and judging by what's revealed in these new photos from The Flash's season 2 finale, the stakes of this race will be very high and very personal. Take a look, below:

Teddy Sears and Jesse L. Martin in The Flash Season 2 Finale

Danielle Panabaker Grant Gustin and Candice Patton in The Flash Season 2 Finale

Jesse L. Martin in The Flash Season 2 Finale

For the finale, Zoom is taking as hostage the person who is arguably the most important to Barry -- Joe, his surrogate father and, honestly, his best friend. These two have been exceptionally close all throughout the series, forming a bond that's been repeatedly put to the test but never broken. Here, however, it appears as if Zoom recognizes how much Joe matters to Barry, and needing a way to convince the young speedster to race him, takes Joe hostage as some sort of insurance.

That's all conjecture, of course, but there will need to be some reason for Barry to go through with a race against Zoom. Otherwise, what does Barry have to gain? It isn't as if Zoom would agree to pack it all in and give up were Barry to actually beat him. He's crazy, but he isn't that crazy. Still, it's a little hard to believe The Flash would consider killing both of Barry's dads in subsequent episodes. The writers really couldn't be that cruel to Barry, could they?

The Flash‘s season finale, 'The Race of His Life' airs @8pm Tuesday, May 24 on The CW.

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