The Flash Season 2: Tom Cavanagh Teases 'Awesome' Zoom Reveal

The Flash TV series, just one of three current DC Comics shows running on the CW network, is deep into its second season and has only grown in popularity with fans and viewers. The Arrow spinoff series has managed to branch off and create its own identity and following apart from the emerald archer and his crew.

Season 2 of The Flash has focused on a mysterious new evil speedster named Zoom and many of the alternate universe "Earth-2" counterparts of the series cast. In a recent behind the scenes video with DC All Access, actor Tom Cavanagh, who portrays Dr. Harrison Wells, discusses the identity of the demonic speedster Zoom and the gravity of the inevitable reveal of the character's secret identity.

In a behind the scenes clip exclusive to Zap2It, the DC All Access crew caught up with the cast of The Flash on the set recently and tried to pry some secrets out of them, to no avail. When asked if he knows who is secretly in the Zoom suit, Tom Cavanagh becomes rather animated and can barely contain his excitement at the upcoming reveal, exclaiming:

"It's awesome. It's one of the best things we've done"

Flash Season 2 Enter Zoom Reveal

The Flash season 1 revealed that Dr. Wells, the man who ran S.T.A.R. Labs and mentored The Flash, aka Barry Allen, was actually the murderous Eobard Thawne. Eobard had assumed the identity of Dr. Wells back in the year 2000, after time traveling to kill Barry. Events lead to him instead killing Barry's mother and framing his father for the crime. Eobard was a scientist from the far future that was obsessed with The Flash, becoming the evil yellow blur, Reverse-Flash. The season ended with the apparent demise of Eobard.

Season 2 has revealed that Eobard is, in fact, still kicking around. He is tied to the Speed Force and that connection has kept him alive. We've also been introduced to the actual Dr. Harrison Wells, refered to affectionately by the cast as "Harry". This alternate Earth-2 version of the character appeared, taking a lot of Team Flash off guard, since they just spent the last season battling Reverse-Flash. The plot thickens when the demonic speedster Zoom shows up and becomes a worthy adversary to the team. The issue here is that in comic book lore Eobard goes not only by Reverse-Flash, but also Professor Zoom. Is this version of Zoom an Earth-2 version of Eobard, a version of Dr. Wells himself from the future, Hunter Zolomon or yet another character twist that we haven't seen coming yet?

The mystery continues to intrigue fans and inspire endless theories and online debate on who may be the man behind the demonic mask - a question that isn't likely to be answered until the very end of The Flash season 2 and will probably just open up a whole new can of worms, at that.

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The Flash airs Tuesdays @8pm on The CW. Arrow and DC's Legends of Tomorrow air during the same time-slot on The CW on Wednesdays and Thursday, respectively.

Source: DC All Access

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