15 Characters The Flash Has Brutally Killed

The Flash, like many of his superhero colleagues, makes the conscious attempt to fight monsters without becoming one of them. This no killing rule is not without it's exceptions, of course, but for the most part, Flash has stayed true to his code.

Thus, when the Scarlet Speedster uses Flash's god-like powers to take a life, it's impossible not to take notice.

In all fairness, not every Flash on this list is Barry Allen and not all of these kills were intentional. However, all of them are directly related to the Flash in a way that makes him responsible for each and everyone one of them due to either recklessness, miscalculation, or whatever else can go wrong when you have the power to move faster than light.

So without further ado, here are the 15 Characters The Flash Has Brutally Killed.

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15 Savitar


After Barry Allen's apparent death, Wally West took over as the Flash for years, making quite a name for himself. One of Wally's many victories included trapping Savitar in the Speed Force. However, upon Barry's rebirth, Savitar breaks free of his prison. So what does Barry Allen do on his first day back as the Flash? He kills Savitar.

As it turned out, Barry's connection to the Speed Force had a run in with Eobard Thawne's Negative Speed Force, turning him into the speester version of the Grim Reaper known as the Black Flash.

Barry, of course, was a little shaken up by the ordeal but sped off to go have dinner with Wally and his other friends, leaving his buddy Hal Jordan to deal with Savitar's ashes. It's a miracle that Hal and Barry's friendship isn't on this list.

14 Alan Scott

Green Lantern Alan Scott

Jay Garrick was the original Flash, representing old school values and a golden age sense of morality. So, his inclusion on this list is paved with good intentions.

Jay and his best friend Alan Scott, the Green Lantern, were tasked with murdering a future Nazi villain as an infant during World War II. When they couldn't, it led to a series of events that ended in Alan Scott being paralyzed.

Alan Scott had to make the choice between healing his body and releasing the Starheart energies that he had trapped in him after the events of Blackest Night, or remaining paralyzed in order to prevent the energies from possibly destroying the city.

However, when a rampaging villain arrives and seems unbeatable, Jay Garrick and the rest of JSA convince Alan to release the energies, killing him in the process. Needless to say, Jay did not win friend of the year.

13 Christina Alexandrova

This list wouldn't be anywhere near complete without including the time that Barry Allen was death itself. When Barry came back to his normal life, it was with one tiny exception: he was the new Black Flash.

Every time he came in contact with another speedster, they would wither and die. Barry, however, had no idea what was happening to him or to the speedsters around him, but Christina Alexandrova did.

So when one of Savitar's devout followers got wind of Barry's involvement in Savitar's death, she came to avenge her master. However, the moment Barry got in contact with the young Christina Alexandrova, she turned to dust and Barry's Black Flash status was revealed. Poor Wally had to watch the entire horrible event take place, all the while wearing his own Flash costume. It was a rough week...

12 Nora Allen

Nora Allen's Death And Henry Allen Framed In The Flash

As a young boy, Barry Allen witnessed the murder of his mother and the false imprisonment of his father. Not only was this his most potent memory and greatest personal tragedy, but it was also the reason why he became a crime-fighter in the first place.

However, when Barry went back in time to save his mother, he sparked a tidal wave of global tragedies that became the alternate universe known as Flashpoint.

After being forced to live in this nightmare he created, Barry did the only thing he could think to do: he went back in time and let his mother die. While this did (somewhat) restore the timeline, it meant that a full grown Barry was present during the murder of his mother and willfully let it happen. By Uncle Ben's standards, that's pretty much murder.

11 Bruce Wayne

Remember Flashpoint? Well as it turns out, you can't accidentally create a war-torn hellscape without amassing a few casualties. Beloved characters like Steve Trevor and Mera join the ranks of the fallen but perhaps the most notable is the murder of young Bruce Wayne.

In the same alley where Thomas and Martha Wayne lost their lives in the mainstream universe, fate, by way of Barry Allen, found Bruce instead.

Barry's tampering of the timeline didn't just change the tragedy, it changed the Batman. Thomas Wayne donned the cape and cowl, but unlike his alternate son, he was no stranger to using lethal force to subdue the criminal underworld. As for Martha Wayne, she became that world's Joker, adding to the Wayne family body count.

All of that blood spills on Barry as well, as he was the one who made these events happen.

10 The Black Flash

The second version of the Black Flash

When Darkseid poses as big of a threat as Darkseid tends to pose, it takes every weapon at your disposal to fight him off. Sometimes, though, that weapon is another living being. This is what Wally West and Barry Allen surmised, anyway. When the Flashes turned the Black Flash into a loaded gun aimed at the ruler of Apokolips, the task was too much for Black Flash to handle, killing him.

Barry and Wally ended up discovering Black Flash's body right before Barry is revealed as the new Black Flash, remarking that it was probably their fault. However, this was really their only mention on the matter before moving onto other matters, which happened to be another murder (as he fully transformed into Black Flash).

Two Flashes and two murders-- like we said, it was a rough week.

9 Gorilla Grodd

The Flash VFX team talk Gorilla Grodd

If there's one thing about Barry Allen that remains constant, it's that he doesn't ever learn his lesson about the dangers of time travel.

Take the case of Future Flash, for example. After the death of Wally West, Barry Allen became overwhelmed with guilt before becoming overwhelmed with rage. What he thought was righteous anger was actually a psychotic break. Thinking that he had been too easy on his rouges gallery, Barry headed to Gorilla City and murders Gorilla Grodd.

After challenging Grodd to a battle to the death and almost losing, Barry took a page from Amanda Waller's playbook and planted a micro bomb in his skull, setting it to explode. After Grodd's brutal death, Barry embarked on a journey to kill the rest of his villains...

8 Mirror Master

As one of the more brutal kills on this list, the death of Mirror Master by way of a shattered mirror proves just how far Future Flash was willing to go to avenge his family-- even though that didn't work out so well for him the first time around.

Traveling sixteen years ahead of his time, Barry met Mirror Master during a scheme that would have turned him into a murderer. Future Flash saved the potential victims but left Mirror Master to die.

What makes this killing so brutal was how remorseful Mirror Master was and how little Future Flash cared, leaving Mirror Master in his own Mirror World to be shattered by a quake in the real world. It wasn't just the murder itself, it was also the complete lack of empathy that eventually went on to make Barry Allen who he is.

7 Harrison Wells

Tom Cavanagh as Harrison Wells The Flash

After Tom Cavanagh's stellar performance as Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawne on the first season of the CW's The Flash, it was no surprise when the CW brought him back to play the Harrison Wells of other Earths.

While this character wasn't as enchanting as the original, the audience did get a more light-hearted and fun performance from Cavanagh in season three as H.R. However, this didn't last long.

When Savitar, who turned out to be the DCTV version of Future Flash, carried out his plan to kill Iris West, he ended up murdering a disguised Harrison Wells. It was a valiant sacrifice and arguably the character's best moment, but the fact remains that it was Barry's kill. Although he missed his target, the fastest man alive always hits something.

6 Cloud Creatures

Writers could get away with a lot back in the early '60s. So, when a group of sentient, evil, subterranean cloud creatures show up to wreak havoc, it didn't seem like such a big deal. Leave it to the Flash to run into danger in order to save the day, while also leaving Iris West in the middle of their date. However, Barry doesn't just subdue the cloud creatures, he heads to their nucleus and kills them.

Granted, he only technically killed their sentience, seeing as they became run of the mill rain clouds, but since these creatures were the last of their kind, Barry Allen caused the extinction of an entire race of beings, and afterwards, his biggest concern was Iris finishing her date with somebody else. Priorities, Barry. Priorities.

5 Appellaxian

Fending off an alien invasion is exactly the kind of thing that the Justice League does best. However, becoming an anti-alien death squad was not a part of the job description, though of course, nobody told Barry Allen. After a group of alien warriors known as the Appellaxians arrive on Earth to fight the JLA, Barry Allen takes on their fire engulfed warrior known as Fire-Lord by putting out his flames.

Putting out his flames, however, ended up killing the creature. While this was much more self-defense than cold-blooded murder (no pun intended), Barry was awfully proud of himself for it. Additionally, to top it all off, this was the event that convinced the Justice League to join forces in the first place. Imagine having manslaughter on your resume.

4 Dr. Alchemy's Criminal Persona

The Flash villain Dr. Alchemy

Then known as Mr. Element, Al Desmond was cursed to become a criminal against his own will. Flash, being the hero he is, sought to rid Desmond of his curse, and Desmond suggested that the only way was to have Barry kill him.

Barry objected, only because he was afraid that Desmond's body would explode and evaporate the entire city. What Barry lacked in sympathy, he made up for in innovation.

Instead, Barry decided to launch himself into space and, well, we won't bore you with the sci-fi jargon, but he managed to find a way to reverse Desmond's curse by shooting him with a negative energy blast.

This completely eradicates Mr. Element, who later returns as Dr. Alchemy. As far as deaths go, it didn't last long, but it was at least half of a homicide.

3 King Shark

King Shark Suicide Squad

The Injustice story line is one of the most well received DC alternative timelines in recent history. One of the reasons for it's success is it's plethora of shocking moments, one of which is the accidental murder of King Shark by-- you guessed it-- the Flash. When Iris West becomes an enemy of Superman's regime, the Flash hesitates to arrest her, but King Shark doesn't.

In a desperate attempt to stop King Shark from hurting Iris, Flash throws a broomstick at King Shark at super speed, impaling him through the mouth. Barry explains to Iris that it was an accident, but it's clear that Iris doesn't recognize the man who she originally fell in love with. It seems like Barry didn't either, as he wouldn't see redemption until Injustice 2.

2 The Top

Who imagined that the downfall of one of the Flash's most infamous Rouges would be the Flash's super speed vibrations. After his super villain friends find him dead, the Rouges listen to a tape recording left by their departed partner.

He describes that an encounter with the Flash messed with the Top's brain cells in a way that was killing him. However, since the only account of this ordeal is a voice recording from a known criminal, it isn't clear just how true any of this is.

The Top being dead didn't stop him from causing problems in Barry's life, though. From plotting to destroy Central City after his death to possessing Barry's father like an evil Deadman, the Top proved to be more trouble in death than he ever was in life.

1 Reverse-Flash/Professor Zoom

No one gets under a hero's skin like their archnemesis. Eobard Thawne (aliases Reverse-Flash and Professor Zoom) is to Barry Allen what the Joker is to Batman-- only Thawne knows who Barry really is.

Thawne fought Barry around the world, all the while throwing innocent people in harm's way just to torture Barry. However, this wasn't enough for Zoom, who figured that the best thing he could do was kill Barry's fiancé on the day of their wedding.

Desperate to stop Thawne from killing another one of his great loves, Barry chases Thawne down, grabbing him by the neck at super speed. What Barry didn't know until it was too late was that doing so killed Thawne. This was the only entry on this list that led to an actual trial, which has had long lasting effect on Barry Allen's life. That is, of course, until Thawne returned from the dead.


Did we miss anything? Are there any other people who The Flash has brutally killed? Let us know in the comments.

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