The Flash Video Offers First Look at Killer Frost & Vibe Costumes

Danielle Panabaker and Carlos Valdes in The Flash

So far this season, The Flash has introduced fans to a very different world thanks to Barry's meddling with the time stream. While the trip to Flashpoint was a short-lived excursion, lasting just one episode, the ramifications continue to be felt in some surprising and not-so-surprising ways. One of those ways has been to introduce new speedsters to the Arrowverse, meaning Jesse Quick has arrived, while Wally West's transformation into Kid Flash has been hinted at heavily throughout the first few episodes of season 3.

While the series isn't shy about bringing on more go-fast characters to either join or do battle with The Flash, it has acted as narrative ground zero for bringing other metahumans to the ever-growing collection of DC Comics characters appearing on The CW. That means it's high time for other members of Team Flash to start developing their super powers and, of course, to get some jazzy new outfits to go along with those phenomenal abilities. Not surprisingly, then, the series is all set to do just that with Caitlin Snow recently demonstrating the abilities of Killer Frost (or, maybe just Frost in this case?) and Cisco moving ever closer to becoming the hero known as Vibe.

Usually the debut of a new costume comes in the form of an official announcement from the network – which The CW did with the reveal of Jimmy Olsen as The Guardian – but The Flash has chosen to do things a little differently. In lieu of a more formal reveal, the series has decided to give its audience a peek at the new duds (presumably) soon to be worn by both characters in a new behind-the-scenes video.

Danielle Panabaker and Carlos Valdes in The Flash

The video, which features costume designer Maya Mani discussing the various new and familiar looks that will be seen this season, gives only the briefest look at Killer Frost and Vibe's costumes but seems to confirm that they'll be donning them sometime before season 3 is out. After all, near the end of the video, when both outfits are given just a quick bit of screen time, Mani promises that the season will have "lots of superhero action comin' at ya. Lots of it." How much of that action will actually feature either Killer Frost or Vibe is unknown, but it's exciting to think that they might be suiting up at some point this season.

So far, both Cisco and Caitlin have already exhibited their powers, so it's no surprise that Barry isn't the only metahuman on Team Flash, but it may be some time before they're given the suits to step out on the streets and help the Scarlet Speedster in his quest for justice. The only question now, is when will fans finally get to see them?


The Flash returns on November 15 with 'Shade' @8pm on The CW.

Source: The CW

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