The Flash: Kevin Smith Thinks Deadpool's Tim Miller Should Direct

Ryan Reynolds and Tim Miller

Warner Bros. and DC Films were hit with bad news a few weeks ago when it was announced that director Rick Famuyiwa was leaving The Flash due to creative differences with the studio. This was the second time that the film lost a director who was officially attached, leaving Ezra Miller's Barry Allen once again searching for help to get the movie going. Despite no word on possible replacements, Miller still believes the movie will begin production sometime this year, but that window is closing fast.

While Warner Bros. is busy looking for a replacement, the search has caused plenty of people to come up with their own suggestions. If comic enthusiast, writer, and director Kevin Smith has it his way, WB will be calling up Tim Miller.

On the most recent episode of Smith's show Fatman on Batman, he and his co-host Marc Bernardin discussed the news of Famuyiwa leaving The Flash and brainstormed possible replacements. After initially suggesting the Wachowski's as his pick, and considering names like Joe Cornish and Edgar Wright, Smith lit up with excitement when Bernardin suggested Tim Miller step in to direct the film.

Ezra Miller as The Flash in Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice

Miller is an obvious fan favorite thanks to his ability to bring Deadpool to life and to great box-office success. The choice is also a timely one, as the director has some free space in his schedule after leaving Deadpool 2 due to his own run-in with creative differences.

Given how little is known about where Warner Bros. is focusing its search for a replacement, there's no reason to think someone who managed to hit it out of the park with a potentially difficult property like Deadpool isn't on a list somewhere. But as it is with these things, there's been no mention of interest from the studio or from Miller himself. For now, everyone will have to wait and see who ends up being chosen as the third official director on The Flash. The project is one of the biggest jobs currently available in Hollywood, so the studio should have no trouble finding directors interested in taking the project on.

The Flash already has started to round out the cast with Kiersey Clemons playing Iris West and Billy Crudup reportedly set to play Henry Allen, so any new director will likely have to agree to these casting choices. This could potentially change should the film be delayed as some have speculated, but it appears that WB is still going to try and meet the unconfirmed March 2018 release.

Source: Fatman on Batman (via Comicbook)

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