The Flash Casts Justice League Detroit’s Gypsy

The Flash nabs a Sleepy Hollow alum to take on the role of Gypsy, a master illusionist who could help Vibe develop his powers.

Gypsy and Vibe in Justice League Comic

Though it'd be tough to top the epic superhero team-up of the Invasion! storyline, the midseason finale to The Flash still packed plenty of punch. Barry teamed up with Earth-3's Jay Garrick against Alchemy (aka Julian) and speed god Savitar, with all of Team Flash(es) working to eventually banish their enemy into the void of the Speed Force.

That defeat didn't leave our heroes unscathed, however, with Savitar making ominous predictions about betrayals and downfalls, and Barry getting thrust into a future where the supposedly defeated speedster kills Iris. Whatever new challenges and enemies the S.T.A.R. Labs crew faces next, these possible futures will be weighing heavily on their minds and guiding their actions.

Cisco will be one to watch, with his ongoing transformation into a potentially uber-powerful Vibe. He'll reportedly hone his powers further with the help of a new meta on The Flash named Gypsy, whose 30-plus year DC comic history includes team-ups with the Justice League Detroit, Birds of Prey, and Justice League Task Force. The Wrap reports that Jessica Camacho, most recently seen on Sleepy Hollow, will be taking on the role of the master illusionist. It's not known yet if Cisco will first encounter the meta as Gypsy or as her alter ego, Cynthia Reynolds.

Actor Carlos Valdes (Cisco/Vibe) recently teased the new addition of Gypsy, saying his character would "definitely get to learn some new skills as part of getting to know her." Along with using her powers of illusion to distract her enemies and make herself invisible, the DC comic version of Gypsy was capable of telepathy, astral projection, and some precognition. It definitely sounds like she and Vibe will have a lot to talk about.

Some new set photos from The Flash look to include images of Camacho in costume, and it appears Gypsy will be adopting the basic black leather style of the Arrowverse rather than her original comic version's traditional Romani garb. While it fits the more modern vibe on The CW, and costumes that look fantastic on the page can be tricky to reproduce for television, it still seems a shame if Gypsy ends up being kind of generic.

Camacho's longest-running roles on TV were with Sleepy Hollow and Last Resort, but she's also appeared on several other series, including Frequency, Minority Report, Longmire, Bones, and Castle. The actress was a convincing and entertaining addition to the supernatural chaos and constantly shifting storylines on Sleepy Hollow, so it should be fun to see her flexing her metahuman muscles and hopefully trading some verbal barbs with Cisco as well in the upcoming episodes of The Flash.

The Flash returns on Tuesday, January 24 at 8pm on The CW.

Source: The Wrap

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