The Flash: Vibe Battles Killer Frost in ‘I Know Who You Are’ Synopsis

The Flash Killer Frost Synopsis Revealed

The Flash isn't back from spring hiatus for another week, but when it returns things are going to get intense. There are only five episodes left this season, and Team Flash is still unaware of the true identity of big bad Savitar. It's likely that this is going to be revealed in the next episode, 'The Once And Future Flash', which sees Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) headed into the future to do some Savitar recon.

Quite a bit has been released for 'The Once And Future Flash', giving fans a good look at what to expect when Barry and his friends return, including a synopsis that promises some action in 2017. While Barry is in the future, Cisco (Carlos Valdes) and Julian (Tom Felton) are trying to track down the recently-turned Killer Frost (Danielle Panabaker). Now, a new synopsis has been released for episode 20, and it reveals that Killer Frost is still at large.

The synopsis, released by The CW, introduces guest star Anne Dudek as Tracy Brand, a scientist that everyone is after in the episode titled 'I Know Who You Are'. It reveals that Killer Frost is still out there, and that she and Cisco are going to come to blows over Tracy.

"VIBE FACES OFF AGAINST KILLER FROST – Barry (Grant Gustin) and the team meet Tracy Brand (guest star Anne Dudek), a scientist, who may be the key to stopping Savitar. Unfortunately, Killer Frost (Danielle Panabaker) is also after Tracy so Team Flash must battle their old friend, which proves to be particularly difficult for Cisco (Carlos Valdes). Joe (Jesse L. Martin) and Cecile’s (guest star Danielle Nicolet) relationship takes a big turn. Hanelle Culpepper directed the episode written by Bronwen Clark & Joshua V. Gilbert (#320). Original airdate 5/2/2017."

Danielle Panabaker as Caitlin Snow and Carlos Valdes as Cisco Ramon

Caitlin Snow became Killer Frost at the end of episode 18, 'Abra Kadabra', when she was seriously injured. Rather than allow her to die, Cisco and Julian made the snap decision to take off the necklace that keeps her powers in check -- saving her life (as her powers healed her), but turning her into the evil Killer Frost. This won't be the first time that Frost and Vibe (Cisco's alter-ego) have faced off, either. The last time that Caitlin's dark side took over, the two battled it out as Cisco attempted to save his friend.

It sounds like Vibe and Killer Frost are going to end up in a bigger conflict this time around, however, as their battle lasts at least two episodes, and there is no news about how it might end.

In addition, the synopsis suggests that Barry does learn Savitar's identity in 'The Once And Future Flash', as he now has an idea of what it will take to stop the speed God. The title, too, points toward the big reveal happening in episode 19. Finally, there is one other story happening this episode, as Joe's (Jesse L Martin) relationship continues to develop.

The Flash returns with 'The Once and Future Flash' on Tuesday, April 25 at 8pm on The CW.

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