The Flash: Grant Gustin Wants Barry to Get a Costume Upgrade

Grant Gustin takes to Twitter to express his desires for his character on The Flash – Barry Allen – to get a new costume in the (near) future.

The Flash season 3 poster - 'New Destinies'

The Flash has for almost three full seasons now managed to captivate audiences following its debut in 2014, spinning off of The CW’s largely successful superhero series Arrow. Since then, the pair of shows have managed to gain enough momentum to spin off yet another show in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow; and inspire the creation of an official series for Supergirl. As perhaps the steadiest of the four superhero shows on The CW when it comes to ratings, it’s clear that The Flash has for some time now been the fan-favorite one too.

Part of that may be because of lead actor Grant Gustin, who takes the titular role as Barry Allen’s alter ego. Unafraid to speak his truth (as is the case with a lot of the actors on The CW), Gustin has taken to his Twitter account to let his views be known about his costume on the series - namely, that he's due for an upgrade in superhero attire.

Gustin posted the following message to Twitter, expressing his desire for Barry to get a new outfit as The Flash. It didn’t take long for artist BossLogic to mock up what a future version of the Scarlet Speedster’s costume could look like, bringing a deeper red to the outfit and messaging it directly to Gustin.

I know we are going to see a brighter red :D @grantgust I feel like Barry is passed due for a new suit.

— BossLogic (@Bosslogic) December 12, 2016

Though slight alterations were made to The Flash costume between seasons 1 and 2, there’s been nothing quite as dramatic as the one Stephen Amell saw for his crime-fighting vigilante Oliver Queen in Arrow. His original suit meant that he had to at first use dark green spray paint across his eyes so that he couldn’t be identified, but this was later replaced with a small mask so his vision wasn’t impaired. The Flash’s Cisco Ramon (Carlos Valdes) then designed a new suit for Oliver in Arrow season 3, which he’s continued to use ever since (despite adding some sleeves in season 5).

We may be fans of the current costume here at Screen Rant, but in the modern world where television viewers and those who love the world of superheroes are constantly looking for something new and unique, a drastic change in outfit could bring even more attention to one of the world’s fastest men. There is however the old catchphrase ‘Why try and fix something that isn’t broken?’ We’ve seen many-a-different Flash outfit already in the series, with different iterations of the superhero showing their faces through various time-traveling techniques. Though they weren’t all costumes worn by Gustin, his has clearly been the most practical to use within the series.

Perhaps the subtle changes that have taken place in the past are all Gustin’s costume should continue to receive moving forward - as there’s a chance that those watching The Flash at home could push against any switch in outfit that’s dubbed too garish, by comparison.

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Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow return in January 2017 on The CW.

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