The Flash: Flashpoint Movie Recruits Drive Production Designer

The Flash: Flashpoint DCEU movie adds Beth Mickle - best known for her work on Drive and Only God Forgives - as production designer.

The production designer behind Drive and Only God Forgives has reportedly joined the DC Extended Universe's The Flash solo movie, Flashpoint, starring Ezra Miller. It's been a few years since DC and Warner Bros announced their original slate of DCEU films and things have changed considerably in that time. Projects like Nightwing and Gotham City Sirens have since joined the cause, while solo films for Black Adam and Batgirl have also been added. Other planned DCEU movies faced multiple setbacks, none more so than Flashpoint.

While Miller will make his proper debut as The Flash this year in Justice League, The Flash solo film has evolved a good deal and gone through two different directors at this stage in its development. These changeups have pushed the film from its originally-announced 2018 release date to a potential date in 2020 instead. The search for a new director is still ongoing (officially, anyway), but the movie now has both a more official title - thanks to the Flashpoint announcement made at San Diego Comic-Con this summer - and, reportedly, a key member of its production team in place.

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Omega Underground is reporting that Beth Mickle has been hired as the production designer for Flashpoint. Mickle is best known for her work on the Nicolas Winding Refn-directed films Drive and Only God Forgives. She's also worked on a number of other Ryan Gosling-led movies, but it's her work crafting the lush worlds of those two Refn projects that should get fans excited to see what she brings to the DCEU.

Only God Forgives

Mickle's other credits include HBO's latest period drama series The Deuce, which could also come in handy for Flashpoint. Given how much The Flash can play with time, and how much the comic book version of Flashpoint is all about alternate realities, we could see some different period elements in Flashpoint. If nothing else, the movie is sure to feature some inventive environments and Mickle seems like a great choice to realize them.

As for Flashpoint's director search: it has been reported that Robert Zemeckis is among the frontrunners (and may be the frontrunner) for the job, though there are other potential candidates (see the rumors about Phil Lord and Chris Miller being in talks to helm Flashpoint). Whereas The CW's The Flash TV show's version of Flashpoint was only able to carryover so many elements from the original comic book storyline, the hope is that whoever does call the shots on the DCEU's Flashpoint film will take advantage of that fact that the movie can be a far more faithful adaptation, by comparison.

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Source: Omega Underground

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