15Plucking Captain Cold From The Timeline For A Bank Job

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Let’s start with a recent one. Barry had already beaten himself up for messing with the timeline via Flashpoint, and he had heard a message from his future self, warning Rip Hunter about the same kind of thing. Still, somehow, Barry thought it was okay to jump back in time

and mess around once again.

Yep, in season 3 episode 22, Barry nipped into the past and picked up Wentworth Miller’s Captain Cold. Barry needed Leonard Snart’s help to retrieve a piece of valuable tech from an impregnable vault, because Iris’ life was on the line.

The stakes were high, but that doesn’t excuse Barry’s behavior. He’d already seen first hand that making changes to history can cause real damage, but he still went back and meddled once again.

What if Snart had died on this mission, and therefore not been able to sacrifice his life later on in his timeline? Perhaps all the Legends would've died. Will Barry ever learn?

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