The Flash 'Attack on Gorilla City' Extended Trailer: Grodd is God

Flash Rogues Grodd

Barry Allen has no shortage of foes on The Flash. While most heroes have a Rogues Gallery, Barry's stable of supervillains have a long and exciting history with him. That doesn't mean, however, that the Arrowverse producers and writers aren't afraid to throw all manner of threats his way. In last week's "Untouchable," Barry and Wally faced off against Clive Yorkin. And the Flash and Supergirl will soon be teaming up to take down the Music Meister in an upcoming musical crossover. Not only that, but the threat of the Black Flash, who Zoom transformed into last season, is always hanging over the Scarlet Speedster's head.

One of Barry's classic rogues is about to make his triumphant return, though. As silly as it may seem, viewers and comic readers know the threat posed by the telepathic, super-intelligent ape known as Gorilla Grodd. In the comics, he's one of the Flash's most constant foes, and his multiple appearances on the show have made him a similar problem for Team Flash. After dispatching Grodd to Earth 2 last season, the gang will have to head there after Harry is kidnapped. Unfortunately for them, they don't know that Grodd has found an entire city full of intelligent apes.

We've already seen a batch of photos teasing the trouble Team Flash will be in upon their arrival to Gorilla City in the upcoming two-part episode. Now, The CW has released the above extended trailer teasing the Earth 2 action. While there looks to be plenty of humor, mostly stemming from Julian returning to his archaeology outfit, 'Attack on Gorilla City' will hardly be a romp for the heroes. Something tells us Team Flash will need a lot more than Julian's handgun to take on Grodd and the other apes.

Grodd gorilla army DC Flash

Hopefully, not all the denizens of Gorilla City will pose a threat to Team Flash. It was recently announced that Keith David would be playing Solovar in the two-parter. In the comics, Solovar is far more kind than Grodd and happens to rule Gorilla City. It's highly likely he'll provide support for Team Flash, especially if Grodd attempts to usurp his throne. Seeing The Flash team up with another super-powered Gorilla to take on Grodd will certainly be a lot of fun, but Barry's problems will still be far from over.

Not only is the threat of Savitar and Iris' death still lurking, but Caitlin's slow transformation into Killer Frost could still prove to be a bugbear for our heroes. All in all, The Flash looks to have an exciting year of television in store for viewers, which should offer a much needed respite from the doldrums of last season. And no matter what happens in the remaining episodes, The Flash's battle against Grodd will likely be one of the season's highlights.

The Flash continues with "Attack on Gorilla City" on Tuesday, February 21st at 8 p.m. EST on The CW.

Source: The CW

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