The Flash ‘Attack on Central City’ Promo: Grodd Declares War

The Flash season 2 - Gorilla Grodd

[SPOILERS for those not caught up on The Flash ahead.]


The Flash has long stood out as one of the more sci-fi heavy DCTV shows. Along with DC's Legends of Tomorrow, The CW allows The Flash to tap into some of the more out-there DC comic book constructs and bring them to a mainstream TV audience. Gorilla Grodd (voiced by David Sobolov), the telepathic, hyper-intelligent ape, is one such example of a character who has long been a staple of The Flash in DC Comics continuity and made the jump to the small screen, back in The Flash season 1.

The CW has now released a new promotional trailer for next week's episode of The Flash, titled 'Attack on Central City'. The episode is the second part of a two-episode story arc that began with last night's installment, titled 'Attack on Gorilla City'.

'Attack on Central City' obviously shifts back to Earth-1 (to the Central City The Flash fans know best) and sees Barry Allen, along with fellow speedsters Wally West and Jessie Quick, joining forces against one of the biggest threats they have faced to date. The episode's promo features Grodd leading an army of gorillas that looks quite formidable in a Dawn of the Planet of the Apes-style shot that seems them, walking down the middle of a street in Central City. Jesse L. Martin's Joe West appears briefly talking to Barry (Grant Gustin), near the beginning of the promo. Nearly every time Grodd has shown up before, Joe is captured by him - is this going to happen again here?

The Flash Season 3 Attack on Gorilla City Review

In 'Attack on Gorilla City', the members of Team Flash traveled to Earth 2 in order to save Harry Welles from incarceration there. They are tricked by Grodd into betraying the community of hyper-intelligent apes that live there and go on to betray Grodd, in order to Vibe their way back home. While they were originally the wronged party, Team Flash is about to be punished in recompense for trying to derail Grodd's plans.

So far, the effects in 'Attack on Central City' appear well-executed and lend a grounded reality to a character (read: Grodd) that can be tough to accept at face value. The implication of the upcoming episode title could also tease a change on the horizon for the city that has been the home of the Flash for his entire life. All that in mind, there's a chance the episode is just going to be a beat for beat retelling of the events fans just saw in 'Attack on Gorilla City'. Hopefully, that is not the case and the showrunners expand the scale of storytelling with this episode, instead.

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The Flash continues with 'Attack on Central City' next Tuesday, February 28th on The CW.

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