'Flash/Arrow' Spinoff Titled 'The Atom' For Now; New All-Star Team Up Featurette

Ray Palmer The Atom Brandon Routh

It seems like just yesterday that fans of The CW's DC Comics universe were in agreement: Arrow was where joy and laughter went to die, while the cast of The Flash embraced the lighter side whenever possible. All that has changed (or plenty of it) now that the Reverse-Flash storyline has reached a boiling point, with Nora Allen's killer finally revealed - hidden in plain sight all along. What better time for a visit from some friends?

As the "All-Star Team Up" episode title suggests, The Flash will have company when it returns on April 14. A new featurette explains exactly why Arrow regulars Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh) and Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards) will seek the aid of S.T.A.R. Labs' finest, and how their presence may help, or hinder Barry (Grant Gustin) as his investigation into Harrison Wells begins.

Previous trailers have shown that Felicity - Barry's earliest friend in the Arrow/Flash universe - would be filled in on just what's changed between he and Dr. Wells, but the new video keeps her involvement to a minimum; not a bad thing, since she has enough to worry about with her own boyfriend donning a suit of armor and fighting crime at home.

The Flash Arrow Crossover Ray Felicity Atom

But it won't just be Ray Palmer whose crime-fighting game is taken to the next step before the current seasons of both CW shows are brought to a close. Exactly what "problem" of Ray's will be solved, or what A.T.O.M. upgrades may lie in store (we still wouldn't hold our breath for shrinking) isn't clear, but we do know that Arrow's Black Canary will receive a new spin on the classic "Canary Cry."

It remains to be seen if the team assembled in Central City will still be referred to as "the fun one," given the murderer in their midst. Not to mention that villains returning with a vengeance, brand new enemies threatening Barry's life, and shocking betrayals teased for the show's final run of season 1 episodes. Maybe some time with friendly faces beforehand isn't such a bad idea.

Ray Palmer The Atom Brandon Routh

In other Flash/Arrow news, SpoilerTV reports that the still untitled spinoff series has been given the placeholder name 'The Atom' - not all that surprising, given that Ray Palmer was among the first characters confirmed for the TV show. Expected to debut during the midseason break of 2015-2016, the show will almost certainly bear a different title, given the presence of DC Comics characters like Hawkgirl, Rip Hunter, and one half of Firestorm.

We'll keep you posted on more crossover details and spinoff rumors, but with so much tension building in The Flash's universe, is the mysterious spinoff series an afterthought at the moment? Sound off in the comments.

The Flash returns Tuesday, April 14 with "All-Star Team Up" @8pm on The CW.

Source: SpoilerTV

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