The Flash 'Abra Kadabra' Images Spell Trouble for Team Flash

Flash Rogues Abra Kadabra

By the nature of Barry Allen's powers on The Flash, not to mention his connection to the mystical Speed Force, his world has always been full of speedsters. What started as just a few characters, has grown into a pantheon, with virtually every super-speed-wielding hero or villain in DC Comics being connected to the mysterious energy construct that grants Flash his abilities. As such, The Flash has pitted Barry against numerous other speedsters, with each of the show's three seasons being defined by his battle with someone faster than he is. And that's not even mentioning of the allies he has who are speedsters.

Luckily, we recently heard from the producers of the show that next season won't once again go to this well. That's a good thing, as too much repetition is never good for the life of a TV show. Barry also has a number of fantastic foes in the comics that need a chance to shine without being lackeys for a speedster or distractions for a larger threat. As such, it's good news that next week will see the arrival of Abra Kadabra. Outfitted with future tech, the show's version may or may not keep the character's faux-mystical roots intact, but he's certainly going to be quite a threat for Barry.

We've already seen the trailer for next week's "Abra Kadabra," and now we have a new batch of images from CBR teasing the arrival of the villain. Luckily, he'll have quite a few heroes to content with when he shows up.

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While the images look to spoil the episode a bit by showing Caitlin harmed and undergoing surgery—which Iris is helping with for some reason—there's a lot of other interesting developments. For one, most of the action looks like it'll take place in Team Flash HQ, meaning we could be in for a bottle episode. Flash won't be alone in his fight, either, as Kid Flash, Vibe, and Gypsy are all suited up and in attendance. No telling why Gypsy is around, but Joe doesn't seem too happy with her. And considering he's toting quite a big gun, maybe she should be worried.

Abra Kadabra won't be the only person from the future showing up on the Flash. We recently learned Barry will have another time-traveling visitor soon. All of this could be headed towards a rebirth for the show, or even something larger. Considering the elements of time travel both shows share, we could see a crossover between The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow happening sometime soon. Either way, the two teams will soon join forces for the Arrowverse's yearly team-up, and we wouldn't be surprised if all of this future business plays into it.

The Flash continues next Tuesday with "Abra Kadabra" @ 8 pm on The CW.

Source: CBR

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