The Flash: 10 Villains We Hope Return in Season 7

With season 6 of CW's The Flash receiving praise, we're already anticipating season 7. Here are the 10 best villain ideas for The Flash season 7!

Through the first 5 and a half seasons of CW's The Flash, we’ve seen the Scarlet Speedster take on several proven foes: From finding the man who killed his mother to saving the love of his life, all the way to seeing his daughter disappear from existence, the show has had fans on a roller-coaster of emotions. With season 6 starting off with good ratings, it is very likely the show will be renewed for a 7th. With Flash currently dealing with Bloodwork, here are 10 villains in the comics that would make great foes in season 7.

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10 Reverse Flash

We’ve seen this one before. But as Flash fans know, Eobard Thawne is the Flash's greatest foe, both in the comics and the show, forever destined to torment him. Seeing him come back as the big bad for another season to terrorize Team Flash could make for a compelling season. From matching his speed to knowing Barry’s identity, Reverse-Flash often has the edge on the team and is always one step ahead. The last time we saw Thawne was in the season 5 finale where he tricked Barry's daughter Nora out of existence. it's safe to say Barry has some unfinished business with Thawne.

9 The Turtle

Another villain we’ve seen in the show, but this time only as a brief one episode appearance in season 2. If we look at the comics, the Turtle is the first villain that Barry faces as the Flash and proves to be a great foe down the road. In the current run of the Flash comics, Turtle is a ruthless ruler of Central City in total destruction with only Future Flash to stand in his way. Turtle, as mentioned in the show, has the ability to slow down time around him, which prevents The Flash from speeding in and taking him down. With the potential of the character, the Flash writers can do a lot with the fastest man alive taking on the slowest man alive. And although he is already dead by the hands of Harrison Wells, we've seen supposedly dead villains make an appearance once again through ways of the multiverse.

8 Godspeed

Yet another Flash villain that has briefly appeared in the show. Godspeed has a unique advantage over other rogues where he is close friends with Barry Allen and still considers him a friend even after becoming Godspeed. Like Barry, Godspeed wants to use his speed for good but unlike Barry, Godspeed is more than willing to kill villains in the name of justice. This dilemma is more than enough of a storyline for a 22-episode season, maybe seeing Barry attempt to save his foes and battle yet another speedster. And he also has one of the coolest costumes out of all the rogues.

7 Black Flash

While the show does a great job of taking villains from the comics, we have to mention Black Flash. Pretty much considered the grim reaper for speedsters, the Black Flash has wreaked havoc on not only one Flash but on all four that have taken the mantle. In the show, Black Flash has appeared briefly when Flash goes into the Speed force in season 3 and not much is seen after. Black Flash haunting the Scarlet Speedster and his team can make for a season full of heart-stopping moments and action. Similar to Savitar in season 3, Barry will face a non-human entity.

6 Red Death

Briefly mentioned in a season 5 episode, Red Death can very well make his way to Central City very soon. With the multiverse always playing a role in The Flash, and the new Batwoman TV show introducing Bruce Wayne, Red Death might make an appearance in Central City and threaten Team Flash. Combining the powers of the Flash with the intellect and detective skills of Batman, Red Death can be The Flash’s greatest villain yet. A vicious murderer that stops at nothing to achieve his own goals, Red Death can rival Zoom's terror with his costume alone. Batman as a human is intimidating enough, imagine an angrier Bruce with a thirst for blood and the powers of a God.

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5 Speed Force

For those following the current Flash storyline in the comics, Barry is slowing down when the speed force is being siphoned away by other forces (strength, sage, etc). The CW writers can take plenty of influence from the comics and create a similar story where Barry has to fight the very thing he uses for power. Because we all know what a world without the Flash would look like (not good). Seeing Barry take on something that’s not necessarily human but just as threatening to his city would make for some jaw-dropping moments and general fear that Barry might not be able to act fast enough. Similar to the Crisis he’s currently dealing with in season 6.

4 Dr. T.O. Morrow

Although Dr. T.O. Morrow has already made an appearance in the Arrowverse as a villain to Super Girl, the Doctor was originally a Flash villain, making his first appearance in a Flash comic. As the creator of Red Tornado and other similar androids, the Dr is not only a genius engineer but also a mad scientist who created his androids from future tech. He also poses a great threat to the DC universe as a whole so a crossover throughout the season is very possible. Similar to the Thinker, The Flash would face a genius 10 steps ahead of the team.

3 Nora West as Inertia

Created as a way to spite Barry, Inertia is a clone of Impulse or Bart Allen, Barry’s future grandson. With Nora, Barry’s daughter, playing a similar role to Impulse (cocky but naive speedster, eager to meet his idol), the CW can make a unique twist to the character and have Nora fill the shoes of Thaddeus Thawne. Imagine a season where Barry has to fight his own daughter and find the good in her when all hope seems to be lost. It can definitely be a heartbreaking revelation for Team Flash and can force them to do something they’ve never done.

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2 Cobalt Blue

Cobalt Blue has long been rumored to be a big bad for Team Flash but has yet to be even mentioned on the show. Cobalt Blue has a tragic past, being born Barry’s twin but stolen at birth due to a doctor accidentally killing the baby of Hugo and Charlene Thawne. Unfortunately for Cobalt Blue, he grew up in an abusive home and resented his life. After finding out about his biological brother and being jealous of Barry's life, he sets out to destroy him with the blue flame that gives him powers to steal anything he wants, including the Speed Force of a speedster. And with Eddie Thawne, played by Rick Cosnett rumored to play Cobalt Blue, it would make an interesting storyline.

1 Wally West

This one can go one of two ways. In the current Flash comics, there are technically two Wally West's, the original red-haired one that took the mantle when Barry disappeared and the younger one modelled after Keiynan Londsdale. The first is forgotten in history after Flash Point and is only brought back by Barry when he remembers him. He battles Barry for the fastest man alive and wins. Although he won’t have malicious intentions, he could still prove to be a challenge for Barry, who might not be fast enough to stop his former protege. With CW taking a page out of the comics with Crisis on Infinite Earths, who's to say they won't take a page out of some more of the comics and put their own twist on it?

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