'The First Time' Trailer: A Modern Story of Teens and First-Love

Britt Robertson and Dylan O'Brien in the trailer for The First Time

While watching the trailer for Jon Kasdan's The First Time, it's difficult to shake the feelings of déjà vu. That's of course, assuming you've seen at least one dramedy about young people experiencing first-love (and sex) released over the past few years, be it contemporary-set (Juno, Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist) or a slightly-fictionalized memoir about what coming-of-age was like for young people in the 1980s and '90s (Adventureland, The Wackness).

Kasdan's film premiered earlier this year at the Sundance Film Festival, where it was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize before being acquired by Samuel Goldwyn Films for distribution. The trailer for First Time, as mentioned before, does at times give off a 'hip indie' vibe, though there's also an emotional-honesty to the scenes glimpsed between its (too?) attractive leads, Dylan O'Brien (Teen Wolf) and Britt Robertson (The Secret Circle).

O'Brien plays Dave, a high school senior hoping to, at last, move beyond the friend zone with his crush Jane (Victoria Justice). Dave, as the trailer shows us, meets junior Aubrey (Robertson) at a house party in an awkward-but-cute encounter that suggests the two fit into the modern molds of the more-vulnerable young man and disillusioned young woman. Both, of course, pretend to be wiser in the ways of the human heart than they actually are. However, thereafter, the weekend courtship between the two characters begins to feel genuine - and less like the handiwork of a screenwriter - thanks to the chemistry between O'Brien and Robertson.

Britt Robertson and Dylan O'Brien in the trailer for The First Time
Britt Robertson and Dylan O'Brien in 'The First Time'

Kasdan has appeared onscreen sporadically over the past three decades (most recently, on Californication), but his writing resume is more relevant - with episodes on the cult favorite Freaks and Geeks and Dawson's Creek under his belt, as well as the quirky dramedy In the Land of Women (which Kasdan also directed). There are traces of the actor/filmmaker's past work in the trailer footage from First Time, with moments of ironic humor and raw emotion - some effective, others that fall flat - tied together to create a tale of first-love for the current generation.

First Time doesn't appear to offer much insight beyond what's been touched upon by its peers (hint: young people aren't as savvy as they like to believe), though the trailer makes it seem more accessible than other indie coming-of-age stories. It could very well be worth a look, even for those who usually steer far clear of any indie flick labeled 'quirky' or 'for modern teens'.

The First Time begins a limited theatrical release on October 19th, 2012.


Source: Yahoo! Movies

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