First Trailer For 'The Final Destination'

Last week we got the teaser poster for The Final Destination, the fourth (and presumably last) installment in the teen-horror series. The poster was admittedly pretty cool, but definitely nothing to rave from the rooftops about.

Well today we're getting another taste of The Final Destination in the form of a full trailer, featuring teases of some of the predictably silly death scenes the Final Destination series is best known for.

The Final Destination is using 3D to hook people in for another go at the successful horror franchise. Since the deaths are silly, the acting is wooden, and even the title isn't as clever as it thinks it is, the filmmakers needed something to make this latest installment more worthwhile than just renting the first three Final Destination movies. Looks like they found their gimmick solution. Check out the trailer for The Final Destination, and let the silliness ensue:

[media id=158 width=570 height=340]

I don't know about you, but I think that trailer looks incredibly dumb and silly. At the end of the day it just looks like more of what we've had from the first three Final Destination movies, only wrapped in slicker, shinier, packing with a 3D bow on top. But never once during that trailer did I fear for the lives of those young 'uns; neither did I cheer at the hinted-at death of them. I should have felt one or the other, fear or fun, but the trailer left me stranded on the unfortunate middle ground of "who cares?"

Obviously we can't sample how The Final Destination is going to look in 3D, what with our regular old computer monitors. But by the looks of the trailer, it seems very obvious that they've stuck in dozens of things coming towards to the screen just for the sake of them "popping out" at the audience in 3D.

The Final Destination looks to be the type of gimmicky 3D movie that gives the technology a bad name. When used in a more subtle way (as I hear Pixar's latest movie, UP, does) 3D can be an amazing experience. Unfortunately, more often than not what we get is a gimmick... and it's a gimmick that I think wears off very quickly.

I'm not totally against the Final Destination franchise - the first three so far provided some morbid fun even if technically speaking they're bad movies. However, to me, the franchise passed it's sell-by date years ago.

I really hope this is the FINAL Final Destination...

What do you think of the first trailer for The Final Destination? Do you think it looks any better or worse than the first three movies? And do you think the 3D will add anything worthwhile to the experience?

The Final Destination is slated for an August 28th, 2009 release.

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