'The Fighter' Looks Like A Contender With This New Trailer

The Fighter trailer

As the Oscar buzz heats up this Fall season, a new competitor enters the race. David O. Russell's The Fighter finally has a trailer that proves it will be a triumphant drama.

Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale star in the boxing drama based on the true story of "Irish" Micky Ward. The film follows Ward and his half-brother/trainer Dickie (Bale) as they team up for an unbelievable journey, culminating in the world light welterweight boxing title. As Ward struggles with his family and career, Dickie battles his past of crime and drugs.

The film will immediately be compared to Rocky, for which the trailer draws unofficial comparison. While Rocky is the source for most boxing-related drama - deservedly so with its Oscar-winning background - this is truly its own story. The similarities are present, but let's not forget Cinderella Man, which was equally as compelling and entertaining.

The first trailer for The Fighter proves the actors brought everything to the table. Wahlberg seems born to play a boxer and I look forward to his performance, even though many are skeptical of his ability to truly embrace drama. Amy Adams co-stars as Charlene, but we don't see a lot of her in the trailer. The only of the three without an Academy Award nomination is arguably the best of the bunch - Christian Bale. Might this be his chance to finally get a nomination or even the Oscar itself? The trailer suggests a brilliant turn as the troubled Dickie.

Watch the trailer below and judge for yourself if the movie deserves the impending Oscar buzz. You'll have to head over to Apple for this one:

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You may notice the boxing scenes look similar to televised boxing matches. Wahlberg helped reel in the camera operators for HBO Boxing to shoot all of the fighting scenes. It should definitely add to the Russell's intentions to create a film as true-to-life as possible.

The director's relationship with Wahlberg will also help the actor feel more comfortable in the role. Russell directed Wahlberg in Three Kings and I Heart Huckabees. From the trailer, he appears to have gotten the most out of the hit and miss actor.

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Christian Bale has once again shed his Batman muscle for a role that stretches his acting ability. The character actor has never been afraid of dropping pounds for meaty roles - 63 pounds for The Machinist and a large amount for Rescue Dawn. The emaciated Bale looks frighteningly similar to his real-life counterpart, Dickie Eklund, and has been praised by those privy to an early glimpse of the film.

Everybody's commitment to performances and the material within the film is evident in the trailer for The Fighter. As other films screen for critics and the buzz begins for their Oscar potential, The Fighter's first trailer already has us excited to see it in a couple of months.

The Fighter hits theaters December 10th, 2010.

Source: Apple

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