The Expendables Promo Trailer

Just yesterday, a promo trailer of sorts appeared online for Sylvester Stallone's upcoming macho man action fest, The Expendables. We would have gotten it to you sooner, but as you'll soon see, it's not very well put together (editing wise, not the actual footage that Stallone shot) and doesn't paint the movie in the best light. It's clearly not a final trailer, but rather a slapped-together bunch of footage designed to give us action movie fans a taste of what's to come.

So, due to that, we hesitated putting it on the site. But in the end we figured you might want to see it so we have it for you below.

Just keep in mind the footage is VERY rough, not edited together as an actual trailer and the music is weak, to say the least.

The Expendables is about a team of mercenaries who are sent to South America to overthrow a dictator. Sounds like a standard "man on a mission" plot that allows plenty of room for the sort of macho fight and shoot-out scenes that the movie promises.

Why does the movie promise that? Well, not only is Stallone writing and directing it, but he's also playing the lead role and joining him are the likes of Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Mickey Rourke, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, Randy Couture, Eric Roberts, Terry Crews, David Zayas, Charisma Carpenter and Brittany Murphy, with appearances (probably not much more than cameos) from Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis to top that off....

The movie had me at Stallone!

Okay, enough names, let's get to the footage and see The Expendables in action (get it?). As stated, it's definitely not a final, polished, trailer, so be prepared for some rather questionable editing. That all said, enjoy the latest look at The Expendables:


See what I mean? I'm guessing that this footage was put together as nothing more than an extended teaser ahead of a proper set of trailers and TV spots. Looking past how it's put together, the actual footage itself makes the film look exactly as expected: a somewhat cheesy but nonetheless balls-to-the-wall kick ass '80s action flick throwback, featuring action heroes of the past (Stallone, Lundgren, Rourke) and present (Statham, Li).

I'll forgive the badly done promo in lieu of all other nice details surrounding the project. Unfortunately, we'll have to wait a bit longer than first expected to see the finished product, as The Expendables was pushed back to an August release next year, instead of its previous April release date. Nonetheless, that means we'll have a nice action flick to round off the summer next year, in a similar way Inglourious Basterds did a couple of months ago.

Bring on the action, Sly!

What do you think of the first so-called "promo footage" for Sylvester Stallone's action fest, The Expendables? Looking past the sloppy editing, what do you make of the film so far?

If you haven't already, make sure to check out the behind-the-scenes video that we posted about in April, as well the most recent batch of wicked stills from the movie.

The Expendables is scheduled to hit theaters on August 20th, 2010.

Source: TrailerAddict

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