The Expendables: 50 Cent Is Out, Terry Crews Is In

Earlier this week it was reported that Forest Whitaker had to drop out of The Expendables due to a scheduling conflict. Then it was immediately reported that 50 Cent would be replacing Whitaker as Hale Caesar in Sylvester Stallone's up and coming project.  And now, Ain't It Cool is reporting that Sylvester Stallone himself has said 50 Cent is out and the role will go to former San Diego Charger and actor Terry Crews.

In an exclusive interview with Stallone Ain't It Cool said:

"For quite some time, the role belonged to Forest Whitaker, but a push in the schedule made it impossible for the Ghost Dog to continue with the film. Then I received a call, informing me that rapper, 50 CENT aka Curtis Jackson, had stepped into the role. Then Sly sent me an email regarding that casting, that I updated the story with. Well... today, I get woke up with a very enthusiastic call from Stallone, who has recast the role of Hale Caesar for a final (hopefully) time."

Relatively unknown by name, Crews is easily recognizable for both his size (a towering 6'2") and menacing grin.  He was most recently Agent 91 in Get Smart and will star in the highly anticipated Terminator Salvation.  It sounds like Crews is totally perfect for the role.  I actually remember him most for his role in the relatively terrible Wayans Bros film, White Chicks. Crews is a much better choice to replace Forest Whitaker.  Not to put down 50 Cent, but I am sure he'd he out of his league, if you know what I mean.

Source:  Ain't It Cool

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