'The Exorcist' and 'Back To The Future' Return To Theaters [Update]

The Exorcist Back to the Future Theater Re-Release

[Update: Check a trailer for the re-release of Back To The Future!]

Turn back the heads hands of time with The Exorcist and go back in time with Back To The Future when both films return to theaters for single-day showings - to honor the upcoming Blu-ray re-releases.

The Exorcist will play in select theaters on September 30th and Back To the Future will land on October 23rd and 25th on 158 screen in more than 40 cities.

While the dates of these screenings are noted, there is no announcement regarding where the showings will take place. Keep your eyes peeled for more details.

If you attend one of the Back To The Future screenings, you'll get a limited edition 25th anniversary poster. Apparently, each theater will also be giving away other merchandise at the individual screenings.

Those who make it to The Exorcist this Thursday will see never-before-viewed footage and interviews with the cast and crew.

Back to the Future The Exorcist blu-ray box art

Essentially, both films are giving fans a theatrical Blu-ray experience. Both movies have a ravenous fan base that will gladly pay to see a theatrical re-release - before dishing out a few dollars for the Blu-ray format.

You can purchase The Exorcist Director's Cut Blu-ray on October 5th. Director William Friedkin has frequently discussed his regret for cutting out 12 minutes of the film for his theatrical release. However, if you're a fan of the theatrical version, it too will be included in the set. In addition, there will be a handful of special features that should expand on the director's process from theatrical release to director's cut.

The Back To The Future Trilogy will be available on October 26th. Bob Gale, Back to the Future writer and producer, recently called the 25th anniversary Blu-ray release a "breathtaking" remastering. It should serve as another example of the power of carefully handled Blu-ray transfers.

Update: Here's a trailer for the theatrical re-release of Back To The Future. If you weren't nostalgic for this before, you're likely to become nostalgic by the time you're done watching this. Enjoy:


Will you see The Exorcist or Back To The Future in theaters before grabbing a Blu-ray for your collection?

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