'The Last Exorcism' Finds A Home at Lionsgate

Lionsgate, the originally-Canadian (yep) entertainment mega-company that brought us Saw VI and Precious: Based on the Novel 'Push' by Sapphire has acquired American distribution rights for Eli Roth's The Last Exorcism, previously entitled CottonComing Soon picked this up from Variety.

Variety went on to report that Roth (who previously helmed Cabin Fever and Hostel) and his co-producers supposedly got offers from just about everyone in Hollywood after showing the flick to buyers in mid-January.  So what did those folks see to get them lining up to buy in?

Well, the movie was directed by Daniel Stamm (A Necessary Death) and stars Patrick Fabian (Ugly Betty, Burn Notice, The Mentalist) as a minister named Cotton (hence the original title) who has a documentary crew tag along for his...  It's supposed to be in step with Blair Witch in terms of freaky realism (in-the-know folks seem to call it cinema verite), but all this hype and news about which studio is picking the movie up takes away from that "is this real?" feel, no?  Huck Botko and Andrew Gurland, of Broken Condom fame, penned the script.



Anyway, Jason Constantine, the executive from Lionsgate who just sunk millions of dollars into the movie, says "audiences are going to find this movie scary as, well, hell."  Here's hoping.

The Last Exorcism will start scaring the bejeezus out of people at next month's SXSW festival.

Source: Coming Soon, Variety

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