[This article originally appeared on our sister site, Game Rant, and brings you the third in a series of three preview videos for the game.]

If you’ve ever played one of the many recent Resident Evil video games or if you followed the film series, you’re probably aware of the franchise’s transition away from survival-horror and into action. It’s worked well enough for a while, and the movies still earn money (with the sixth beginning to shoot next summer), but for the games, what made the brand special in the first place, as Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami intended, has largely been lost.

That brings us to The Evil Within, a brand new intellectual property announced last year that we’ve been following closely on our sister site, Game RantThe Evil Within is the terrifying byproduct of the teaming of Mikami’s own studio, Tango Gameworks, and Bethesda, the publisher behind The Elder Scrolls series, the latest Fallout games, this year’s Wolfenstein: The New Order and the in-development fourth Doom title.

The above trailer is the third in a series of three (the first two are down below) for The Evil Within, and focuses on what sort of traps and enemies the players must conquer, through quick reflexes and observation skills. The Evil Within puts players into the blood-soaked shoes of police detective Sebastian Castellanos voiced by Hell On Wheels star Anson Mount as he attempts to survive and solve the mystery behind the evil that lurks in Krimson City with the help of Juli Kidman, who’s played by Dexter’s Jennifer Carpenter. The star-studded cast is rounded out by Jackie Earle Haley (A Nightmare on Elm Street, Watchmen) who plays Ruvik, the creepy antagonist of the game and can be seen teleporting around in the trailer below.

The Evil Within The Evil Within Game Trailer: The World Within

The Evil Within is not the type of story that Castellanos can shoot his way out of, and against these monsters in these environments and situations, we’re already feeling a little unsettled. Given the need for true survival-horror experiences, The Evil Within can help fill a void in the gaming industry, one that could eventually translate into sequels and a film adaptation much like Resident Evil did years ago. Now that we’re in October, The Evil Within is the type of Horror experience that Halloween needs. One where bullets won’t save you.

Fight For Life

Every Last Bullet

Having had a chance to play The Evil Within this summer, we can say that the title – and creator Shinji Mikami – are going back to their survival-horror roots. We were creeped out. Anxious to see more more? To play it? Could it work as a film?

The Evil Within releases October 14, 2014 for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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Sources: BethesdaGame Rant

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