'The Event' Promises World-Changing Surprises at Season's End

The Event: Season Spoilers

The Event will air a mid-season finale on November 29th that promises to teach viewers more about Sophia and her people, how they’ve integrated so far and how many of her kind there really are. This cliffhanger episode will even reveal what power Sophia holds over them, offering viewers several more answers.

TV Guide reported today that The Event is going to deliver some world-changing and shocking twists as the season ends. The show’s writers and producers are hoping the twists will be exciting enough to capture our attention and get us to want more in a second season.

Executive producer Evan Katz teases that this season will end with a huge revelation that will change the entire world:

"Major large-scale, potentially world-changing events will end every season."

A new villainess will enter the picture too. Deadline Hollywood reports that the show has been in talks for former Friday Night Lights star Connie Britton to play a “major recurring role.” Could this be the villainess character...?

In the more “down-to-Earth” realm, Blair Underwood’s character, President Martinez, will be faced with serious military decisions and Sean & Leila continue to search for Leila’s sister, Samantha.

The Event is one of those series that began with such promise, with an enviable all-star cast, a mysterious premise and more promotion than a series should be allowed. But the ratings have been steadily declining anyway. We reported in early October that the show lacked excitement and wasn’t living up to the hype and the ratings reflected the audience’s loss of interest as they’ve continued to slip. The most recent episode was only watched by 5.7 million viewers.

The show's producers have been preparing, just in case, for the season finale as an ending to the story. They have been collecting short film cuts that can be used to wrap up the storyline, if necessary. But they remain optimistic that the show will be renewed, in spite of the dismal ratings. After all, many people time-shift The Event and watch it later than its air time on their DVRs.

What do you think of the series so far? Will you continue to watch?

Sources: TV Guide, Entertainment Weekly, Deadline Hollywood

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