'The Event' May Move To Syfy For a Miniseries

the event may move to syfy

Disappointed that the cliffhanger finale of The Event won't ever be explored? Syfy may have some good news for you. Rumor has it that the NBC sister station may pick up the cancelled show for a miniseries.

Series creator Nick Wauters hinted as much after The Event was cancelled last month. The series had been struggling to maintain in the ratings race, losing more than half of its audience over its 22 episode run.

Syfy operates under NBC-Universal, so a move there would be much easier than to another cable network. The Event would likely play well with Syfy's core audience (at least the ones who aren't tuning in for wrestling) and the ratings the show earned on NBC would be more than enough to sustain it on cable.

The biggest problem that Syfy might face is budget. The Event was NBC's answer to Lost, and the budget reflected that. Syfy (which shoots most of its original programming in Canada) may not have the cash to do the series justice.

the event nbc cast

That said, a miniseries of 6-10 episodes could wrap up the plot point introduced in the finale without breaking the bank. It would take some skillful writing and a break-neck pace, but it might be just enough to give what fans remain the sendoff they're hoping for.

While a cable migration seems like a natural move for a series like The Event, it's far from a sure thing, even with the networks' common parentage. That's a shame, because if talks between Universal Studios and Syfy don't pan out, it's extremely unlikely that the show will find a home anywhere else.

While the second half of The Event's first (and so far only) season was disappointing, the finale ends on a high note that's easily the most interesting thing to to the story happen yet. It was an undeniably sci-fi moment, which was made even more shocking by the realization that it might never be explained.


If the planets align and Syfy gets the go-ahead to continue the series, expect a summer or fall 2012 relaunch of The Event.

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Source: TV Line

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