The Elder Scrolls: Blades Is A Massive First-Person RPG on Mobile

Although more tongues may have been wagging about other titles during Bethesda's E3 press conference, upcoming mobile game The Elder Scrolls: Blades looks to be an incredibly ambitious project. The publisher had a number of huge reveals within its presentation, with such big-hitters as Doom Eternal setting the presentation off on the right note.

However, although Doom Eternal, RAGE 2, and Fallout 76 all had some runtime devoted to them at the press conference, Bethesda's beloved Elder Scrolls franchise also the subject of much discussion. Bethesda spent some time talking about The Elder Scrolls: Online, before dropping the first official announcement of The Elder Scrolls VI on the unsuspecting public.

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The reveal of the sixth core series game in the franchise is no doubt exciting, but Bethesda had much more to reveal about a different Elder Scrolls game entirely. The publisher has been working hard on The Elder Scrolls: Blades, a mobile game that looks hugely impressive based on this reveal, and the title will be releasing for free this fall on iOS and Android. The presentation on the game in question can be seen above, while those interested in playing it early can sign up to Early Access at Bethesda's site.

Bethesda's Todd Howard was on hand to give an overview of the game in question. Apparently, The Elder Scrolls: Blades was one of the original ideas that Bethesda had for mobile gaming, along with Fallout Shelter, and the game has been in the pipeline for some time. It apparently offers up a unique Elder Scrolls experience, although there's clearly been a lot of thought given to how it will work in a mobile capacity, with portrait mode functionality being but one example.

Blades has multiple gameplay modes, each revolving around the player character's position as a town champion. The Abyss is a Rogue-like experience to see how far the hero can get in an endless dungeon, while the Arena mode will allow users to battle against other players. The main game mode, however, is The Town, where the player character is a member of the Blades, forced into exile only to find their home town has been destroyed. As such, the town will need to be rebuilt, all the while getting further quests to complete.

This may not have been the Elder Scrolls game that fans desperately wanted, with The Elder Scrolls VI set to launch for the next console generation, but nonetheless this is an intriguing prospect. Its high quality graphics for a mobile game and high-end VR functionality suggests a great deal of care has been taken, and if the quality of Fallout Shelter is anything to go by then Blades could be a winner. That said, it's still early days and aspects such as monetization could play a huge role in just how fun the title is for fans.

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