The Duggars: 15 Dark Secrets You Didn't Know About Counting On

The Duggars are an odd group of people; part religious cult and part tater tot casserole aficionados, they cover ground that most religious folks would shutter to be within a fifteen mile radius of-- the disgusting world of TLC's reality television empire. Unsurprisingly, the Duggars took to the reality television scene with gusto, conjuring up a pool of similarly religiously extreme fans, as well as idle rubber neckers who couldn't help but slow down to look at the disaster unfolding before their very eyes.

As much as everything seemed dandy in Duggarland, scandal eventually followed in the form of the oldest Duggar son Josh; he had taken it upon himself to diddle some of his fellow female Duggars, which prompted his concerned parents to rush him to the nearest police station. Nah, we're just kidding, they took him to their religious HQ, whose leader was accused of multiple counts of rape, and created a worksheet that shrugs off blame of intimate assault onto the victim, as opposed to the abuser. It was the responsible thing to do, after all.

Even though Josh was more than happy to get out of the limelight, his family has been picking up his slack in the meantime, with the newest Duggar program following their children being married off to all other sorts of loonies and zealots. Although some Duggar fans may not be surprised by every entry on this list, we guarantee that there's an entire cloister of dark secrets that even the most die-hard Duggar denizen doesn't know.

So grab your chaperone, whip up some tater tot casserole, and get ready for some homeschooling, because here are the 15 Dark Secrets You Didn't Know About Counting On

15 Josh May Return At Some Point

Even those unfamiliar with the Duggar's odd lifestyle will definitely be familiar with the oldest son Josh's assault of his sisters and deviant behavior. Not only was Josh inappropriate with his sisters, he was also using a profile on the infamous adultery dating site Ashley Madison to cheat on his wife, and was allegedly way too rough with an adult industry star.

Josh's behavior caused TLC to drop the Duggar's original show after the allegations came to the public light, so fans would be right in assuming that they may be done with him.

However, Josh was spotted at the most recent Duggar family reunion, as well as last Thanksgiving, smiling happily in a picture taken with his parents and other family members. Family is a strong bond, especially when it's a family like the Duggars.

Talk of Josh interacting with the family and his sisters again have been swirling around, which includes some rumors about him returning to the show. Although TLC would probably have a bit of a problem letting him back on in light of dropping him like a hot potato before.

14 Josh's Sisters Are Suing The Police Department That Released The Information

The Josh Duggar bombshell was an atomic one; it ripped apart a close knit family and got the Duggar clan's wildly successful 19 Kids And Counting show wiped from TLC's primetime slate.

The news that Josh Duggar had assaulted his sisters was originally released by In Touch Weekly in 2015, which had obtained reports from the Springdale police department as to the ghastly details of the oldest Duggar son's incestuous behavior.

Although it may seem bizarre, the sisters that Josh assaulted are suing the Springdale police department for releasing the information in the first place. Even though the allegations brought against Josh were heinous to say the least, the acting police department had no right to release the information outside of the usual legal channels.

Obviously, it was leaked to the media because of the massive outcry it would cause, but the law is still the law. The trial just began on September 25th, so no telling how it will play out for the Duggar sisters or Springdale.

13 Jill Duggar's Husband Is Hassling Transexual Star Jazz On Twitter

The Duggar's obviously have some strong religious beliefs, and it isn't a surprise that their children aren't much different. Religious beliefs are the right of everyone, within bounds. Spouting your religious beliefs through social media, and even worse, targeting those who offend said religious beliefs, is a disturbing trend that makes up roughly 99% of social media posts and traffic.

It seems that Jill Duggar's husband Derick Dillard isn't so pious that he's above harassing those who offend him just by existing; he's been harassing transgender TLC star Jazz through Twitter, calling out her choices to transition.

Jazz responded by basically saying that she was used to being bullied in every outlet of her life, so Twitter was no exception. Considering that both of the cast members have programs on the same channel, there is a possibility that TLC scripted the religious accusations to garner up hype for both shows.

For some reason, though, we think that this may just be Derick's own special brand of stupid under the guise of religious ideals.

12 Joy May Have Been Pregnant Before The Wedding

One of the Duggar's most notable oddities when it comes to raising their children is the process of courting. Now, courting isn't especially strange-- a lot of couples go through the process of "courting" technically, but the Duggars have their own special spin.

All dates during the courting process are strictly monitored by another family member who chaperones the hopeful couple until they're married. Well, someone must have been asleep on the job while Joy and new hubby Austin were courting.

This is because a lot of fans speculate that Joy was pregnant before the two agreed to get married, a big no-no in the Duggar household.

The first red flag was raised when Joy moved her wedding date from October to May, making a few fans raise their collective eyebrow in speculation. After the two were married, Joy posted a baby bump picture to Twitter just three months after the wedding, with a bump that looked suspiciously big for the first trimester.

In addition to being spotted in multiple episodes in baggy clothing, all the evidence stacked up to suggest a shotgun wedding due to a premarital pregnancy.

11 Josh Duggar And His Wife Just Had Another Baby

This one isn't as much a secret as it is just plain disturbing, despite all the twisted allegations that have proved true about Josh Duggar, his wife Anna just gave birth to their fifth child, a son named Mason. While this may seem all well and good, Josh's disgusting and disgraceful past still hangs over the family like a dark cloud, overshadowing every announcement about their newest bundle of joy.

While this may not seem like much of a big deal, the question still stands to virtually anyone that is familiar with the charges against Josh: why would she continue having kids with him?

The man has checked into addiction centers for being a love making addict after he, you know, sexually assaulted his sisters and roughed up a porn star before paying her for a fling.

10 They're All Still Part Of A Cult

Bill Gothard

There is nothing wrong with being religious or subscribing to the religious belief that appeases an individual, it is a right granted to every citizen of the United States without exception. Since organized religion has been a mainstay of existence, fringe groups have popped up, usually highlighting a few specific principals to the extreme, while cutting away any chaff they may not want to include in their version of what to believe.

Sometimes, these groups are classified as cults due to regulations and extreme beliefs that they impose on their followers. Every criteria to define a cult describes exactly the religious sect that the Duggar's buy into; the Institute In Basic Life Principals.

The Christian organization has a slew of seminars and printed materials that inform it's followers on how to live their lives, including homeschooling and virginal purity. Even though the head of the organization fell under the weight of multiple rape and abuse charges that caused him to retire in 2014, the entire Duggar clan are still devout followers.

9 The Violent Abuse Allegations

Jim Bob And Michelle Duggar Smiling

Believing wholeheartedly in an organization that blames victims of abuse for the abuse taking place, it's no surprise that the heads of the Duggar household have been accused of abusing their children several times. Apart from the sexual abuse carried out by their eldest son, apparently Jim Bob and Michelle actually punish their children with a literal rod for wrongdoing.

Part of the police files that were released in 2015, the children all made mention of being spanked brutally with a rod by their parents. While this may not come as the biggest surprise that a deeply religious family is physically punishing their children (as the whole "spare the rod, spoil the child" proverb came from the bible), it is still a bit shocking that Jim Bob and Michelle thought to take it to such extreme lengths.

8 Jana And Jessa Hate Each Other

Not all the Duggar children might be as fond of their fellow blood relative acolytes as the show lets on. Apparently, Jessa and Jana Duggar don't particularly like each other all that much. First spotted in the tell-all Duggar book Growing Up Duggar: It's All About Relationships, Jana recalls being told to put up with Jess, even if she was being a pain in the butt.

The two were also reportedly made to sleep in bunk beds together when they didn't get along as kids, which, as any person with any number of siblings could tell you, must have been complete hell.

Apart from their differences growing up, the bitter attitude towards each other hasn't subsided much as the two sisters have gotten older. Both have periodically deleted each other from social media accounts, while keeping the rest of their family primed on every keystroke they make.

Although some may push it aside as a coincidence or mistake, the two sisters have deleted each other multiple times; with the recounted tales of not getting along in adolescence possibly proving that they just don't like each other.

7 Their Children Have To Do A Lot Of Work Around The House

Duggars With Instruments

Jim Bob and Michelle got married at a pretty young age when neither of them was pulling in much dough, so while Jim Bob pounded the pavement earning money, the newly married Duggars had to find a way to cut financial corners.

One of the ways to save some dosh was to start making a lot of things out of scratch, including their own laundry detergent. Sounds like a good way to save some money for a little bit of time, right? Well sure, unless you're one of the Duggar's kids.

Apart from all the children having to learn a musical instrument and largely only being able to hang out with their family, the Duggar children can be seen making laundry soap multiple times throughout the And Counting seasons.

Jim Bob figured that the best way to get his soap needs met was to put together a progeny production line. It's disturbing to think about what they don't show on And Counting, as the Duggar children have kids of their own and continue the cycle of soap production.

6 Jessa And Her Husband Consummated Their Marriage During The Reception

Jessa Duggar Wedding

For any fan of the show, it isn't that surprising to learn that the Duggars are extremely strict when it comes to intimacy and weddings. The Duggar children can pretty much only side hug until they are officially married.

For any living creature with a pulse, it's hard to withstand sexual urges in the face of puberty, hormones, and just generally existing, especially with your parents popping out kids and teaching you how to kiss, in the case of the Duggars.

Apparently, the urge overtook Jessa and her husband immediately after vows were exchanged, as they had a private room that they both bolted into right after the ceremony finished up. What were they doing in there? Simply ask sister Jinger, who apparently went to get Jessa for the reception but quickly slammed the door with a shocked look on her face.

5 Jill And Jessa Have Profiles On A Foot Fetish Website

Jill Duggar Feet

When it comes to the Duggars, they really care about purity, godliness, and covering up the assault in the family by taking their son to their religious headquarters instead of the police. Aside from all the purity talk, the world at large really has a thing for some of the Duggar daughter's feet. Reports surfaced that Jill and Jessa Duggar have both had their feet show up on Wikifeet-- a website all about dudes who love feet and compile photos of celebrities and, you guessed it, feet.

Now, it's not like the Duggar girls went ahead and submitted these photos of their own free will, reveling in the impure thoughts of anonymous men on the internet as they ogle their feet.

However, people really into feet took the liberty of compiling all their feet into photo collections on the site anyway. The Duggar family hasn't offered any comment on the situation, but what would they really say?

4 Jim Bob And Michelle Taught Their Daughters How To Kiss

Kissing Duggars

In a cringeworthy segment on 19 Kids And Counting, viewers were treated to what may be one of-- if not the penultimate-- most uncomfortable moment in televised history. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar council their children and their spouses-to-be by giving them tips and lessons that are meant to aid the couple during their marriage. This sounds normal enough; any advice from a couple who have been married for years to a couple that just took the plunge is usually welcome.

However, things took an incredibly unsettling turn when Jim Bob and Michelle took it upon themselves to teach their twenty two year old daughter and her husband the best ways to kiss.

There is a line when it comes to disclosing the world of intimacy to your children, and the heads of the Duggar clan just jumped over it like an Olympic track star. Adding to the ick factor is the recreation of the daughter kissing her new husband remade by her parents-- no matter how close your family is, that's just weird.

3 There Are STILL No Gay Crew Members

Jim And Michelle Duggar Upset

Even those outside of the Duggar news cycle probably heard about how they constantly harassed a crew member once they found out that he was gay, prompting TLC to assign said crew member to a new project.

What might surprise fans of the series is that no repercussions ever took place in regard to the Duggar's derogatory behavior, and that there are still no gay crew members working on any Duggar sets-- at least any that they know about.

The awful behavior exhibited by the Christian cult members has reportedly prompted most of the crew that works on the show to feign intimate affiliations and to also lie about their faith, fearing similar backlash as the crew member that was ousted by the head of the Duggar household. It isn't really that surprising, considering the Duggar's strict "hate everyone who isn't Christian" mindset that flows from every pore of their body.

2 Anna May Have Been Forced To Marry Josh

Josn And Anna Duggar With Baby

Honestly, what other explanation is there? All of Josh's skeletons came spilling out of the closet right before they were to be married, and who in their right mind would stay? In her right mind or not, Anna decided to stay with Josh despite his history, which panned out in him having an Ashley Madison profile and beating up an adult entertainer.

Some fans took to defending her decision, citing that she was just a good wife, which is completely wrong. Even a good wife would leave after learning that their significant other was so violent and unstable.

Other fans surmised that Anna was pressured by outside forces, including her own super religious parents. The Duggars and Anna's family both share strong religious beliefs, and one of this beliefs is avoiding divorce at all costs.

Still, there needs to be a point when someone can say enough is enough, despite what their religion says.

1 Waitresses Hate Jim Bob

Jim Bob Duggar

For a man whose net worth is estimated to be in the ballpark of three and half million dollars, Jim Bob Duggar is apparently real stingy when it comes to eating out. According to testimony from a group of waitresses who worked at a local Italian restaurant, Jim Bob was the absolute worst when he brought his entire clan in for a meal.

Multiple waitresses confirm that Jim Bob would simply shoot them dirty looks when addressed by the female staff in any capacity, relaying all his interactions with them through his wife, who apparently sat silently the entire meal while Jim Bob lectured his children.

In addition to the completely unacceptable manner that he uses to interact with female wait staff, he apparently asked for the automatic gratuity for large parties to be removed from his check and proceeded to tip a meager five percent for their entire meal, every time.


Do you know of any other dark secrets concerning the Duggars' Counting On? Let us know in the comments!

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