'The Double' Trailer: Richard Gere Is A Bad-Ass Soviet Assassin

the double movie trailer

Screenwriters Michael Brandt and Derek Haas have been responsible for thrillers both ridiculous (2 Fast 2 Furious, Wanted) and effectively gritty (3:10 to Yuma). The two have joined forces again for The Double, which also marks Brandt's feature-length directorial debut.

So, based on the Double trailer, does the pair's latest team effort look like a preposterous action flick - or more of a carefully constructed cat-and-mouse thriller, full of ingenious plot twists and turns?

The answer is... more the latter, actually. The Double at first sounds like your average mismatched buddy movie, with Richard Gere being the retired agent who's called back into action and paired with newbie Topher Grace. However, it turns out the title is actually more appropriate than you might think.

Check out the film's official synopsis below:

In "The Double", opening in theaters on September 23, the mysterious murder of a US senator bearing the distinctive trademark of the legendary Soviet assassin "Cassius" forces Paul Shepherdson (Gere), a retired CIA operative, to team with rookie FBI agent, Ben Geary (Grace), to solve the crime. Having spent his career chasing Cassius, Shepherdson is convinced his nemesis is long dead, but is pushed to take on the case by his former supervisor, Tom Highland (Martin Sheen). Meanwhile, Agent Geary, who wrote his Master's thesis on Shepherdson's pursuit of the Soviet killer, is certain that Cassius has resurfaced. As Shepherdson and Geary work their way through crimes both past and present, they discover that Cassius may not be the person they always thought him to be, forcing both to re-examine everything and everyone around them.

It turns out The Double's "twist" (re: Cassius' true identity) isn't the big secret this summary makes it out to be, as you'll note while watching the trailer (via iTunes Movie Trailers) below:

The Double doesn't appear to be as much a popcorn flick as last year's thriller involving secret Soviet agents and the CIA (Salt); instead, it seems to be a bit more grounded and less concerned with elaborate stunts or Bourne Identity-style fight sequences. Gere is generally best-known for his rom-com roles, but he's played men of action a handful of times in the past (see: First Knight, The Jackal, etc.) and he seems to do a decent job of switching between his Shepherdson and Cassius personas in the trailer footage. However, saying Gere doesn't look as intimidating while strangling his opponents as, say, someone like Liam Neeson does, is a fair quibble.

Going off the cool-colored visuals and not-too-ridiculous tone of its trailer, The Double looks to be an overall solid, if non-remarkable, addition to the CIA thriller genre. So it could be worth checking out, when it arrives in theaters next month on September 23rd, 2011.

Source: iTunes Movie Trailers

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