The Division 2 PvP Guide: How To Start The Conflict Mode

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Now that The Division 2 has officially released for agents everywhere, it's been time for a deep dive into all the content that the game has to offer, such as the Conflict mode. Aside from the single player story, there's also a wealth of multiplayer content being offered to players at the game, and you don't even have to wait until you are level 30 to do it.

Conflict Mode is its own unique beast separate from the single player mode and from the other multiplayer game mode available to players in The Division 2 — Dark Zone. However, finding out how to dip your toes into the water of organized PvP is just the first step.

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To begin with, you can start a Conflict Match using one of two particular methods: 1) Talking to a White House NPC, and 2) opening the map and using the in-game menus in The Division 2.

Talking to the White House NPC

There is an NPC at your home base, the White House, just hanging out underneath the command center near the White House's entrance. Rock up to his little setup underneath the stairs leading up to the right side of the main building, and you'll have the option of talking to him to organize a skirmish in The Division 2's Conflict mode.

Opening the map and using in-game menus

If you don't particularly feel like socializing with one of The Division 2's friendly NPCs, then you can also just do join The Division 2's Conflict mode by navigating the in-game menus. There's a particular Conflict sub-menu accessible after you open up the map, which is the menu located second from the left on the main menu screen. This particular Conflict menu will allow players to look for matches and it will also show players what their progress is in this particular game mode, including kill statistics and what you'll need to do to reach the next goal in the game mode.

While this Division 2 PvP guide deals specifically with how to unlock Conflict Mode, that's just one of the two modes available to those who are wanting to stray from the PvE experience offered by the game. Conflict Mode is an experience that pits agents against other agents without the thrill of possible betrayal in the now-iconic Dark Zone mode. What's unique about Conflict Mode as well when compared to the Dark Zone Mode is the fact that this is pure PvP from start to finish. It's much more like a standard multiplayer shooter experience of team versus team, without the thrills and spills of possible betrayal from people that are meant to be on your side.

Overall, unlocking the Conflict mode should be easy with our Division 2 PvP guide. From the looks of the end-game content that's already been released for the title so you can hit the ground, hopping into this game mode with some friends for some good old-fashioned multiplayer action is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to things that you can do on the ground to hit max level. Once you have a handle on Conflict Mode and its ins and outs, you should definitely move on to some of the other entertainment options offered within the game. Whether it's grinding out the particular specialization that you're after, or making sure that you're hitting level 30 as fast as possible, there's a wealth of stuff to do in The Division 2, and we're sure players won't get bored.

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