The Division 2's Early Access Starts Today For PC

The wait has ended for some lucky Tom Clancy fans. The Division 2 PC early access period is now live; it's time to take the fight to Washington D.C.

Division 2 PC Release

The Division 2's highly-anticipated early access date is now upon us if you're a player on a particular platform. While the release schedule for the game is somewhat complicated, the official date that the game drops is 15 March, so The Division 2 PC early access that is currently unlocked for specific regions is going to be a nice appetizer.

Fans who played the beta and who purchased the game on other platforms don't have that much longer to wait; wider early access becomes available tomorrow and then it's only a few days until the full release. However, it's always nice to get a little taste of the competition early, and some enterprising gamers have already started streaming their playthroughs of The Division 2 PC early access on Twitch.

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The Division's official Twitter account has now tweeted that the Tom Clancy title is currently live in some regions for those who are eligible for The Division 2 PC early access. From the table put out by Ubisoft which details what tier of access pre-purchasing different versions of the game gets you, it looks like everyone that's bought the Gold Edition all the way up to the Phoenix Shield edition is eligible for The Division 2 PC early access.

The Division 2 Capitol

From the looks of it, The Division 2 is as much of a polished product as its predecessor. Early access being granted for PC users in this way is a boon; it whets the appetite of those who have purchased the title on other platforms, and likely also ensures that the team hears about any potentially lethal bugs that can be ironed out in time for the full release on 15 March. Now that The Division 2 PC early access is underway, Ubisoft is going to get to see firsthand how their product performs in the hands of eager fans who have been waiting a long time for this game.

As per Ubisoft's tweet, this early access is only available to some regions who have hit the 12 March midnight cut-off time to drop into post-apocalyptic Washington D.C. The Division 2 fans who are patiently waiting or who have pre-purchased the title on other platforms now have the opportunity to check out the merchandise by tuning into to Twitch and the streamers who are currently broadcasting their efforts live.

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Source: The Division's official Twitter 

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