The Disaster Artist Trailer #3 Goes Full Tommy Wiseau

A third trailer for James Franco's critically acclaimed film The Disaster Artist has been officially released online, and distributor A24 is putting together an extensive awards campaign for the project. As many know by now, Disaster Artist chronicles the making of Tommy Wiseau's infamous cult classic The Room, with Franco also starring as the (now) iconic filmmaker. Viewers have already gotten a taste of the actor's incredible transformation into the eccentric Wiseau thanks to a pair of well-received previews that set the tone for a Hollywood underdog story of someone trying to realize their dream.

As fate would have it, the notoriously awful The Room spawned one of 2017's finest efforts, as The Disaster Artist has been riding waves of positive buzz since it first screened at SXSW earlier in the year. With this year's Oscars race being one of the most wide open in recent memory, many Wiseau fans are hopeful Franco was able to deliver something that can gain traction with the Academy. Franco has steadily been building a case for a Best Actor nomination for months, and now A24 is convinced they have a legitimate contender on their hands. You can watch the latest trailer (which includes critic blurbs) in the space above.

The latest trailer follows similar beats to the previous one, though it does shed more light on the story, cutting back and forth between Wiseau's failed auditions and the trials and tribulations of making The Room. There's plenty of drama to be found here, as Tommy frequently comes to blows with Greg Sestero (played by Dave Franco) over how the film is being financed and the attitude of the crew members. The footage paints Wiseau as a sympathetic figure, positioning the self-proclaimed hero as a well-meaning artist who wants to make a name for himself and earn the respect of his peers. Franco's natural charm and charisma is a strong fit for the role, as he crafts Tommy as a likable and endearing person that's easy for the audience to get behind.

Per THR, A24 is preparing "major awards campaigns" for both the film and Franco's performance as Wiseau. By now, the studio is well-versed on the awards circuit, having successfully pushed Room (the Brie Larson vehicle, not The Room) and Best Picture winner Moonlight in the past two years. The subject matter of The Disaster Artist could make it a popular pick amongst voters; the only thing the Academy tends to like more than a World War II drama is a film that explores the inner workings of the entertainment industry. Birdman and La La Land are two recent examples of this, and Disaster Artist would surely love to follow those footsteps.

Right now, The Disaster Artist has as good a shot as any film to take home some Oscar gold. Many of the fall festivals have already come and gone, and there's yet to be a clear frontrunner leading the pack. There are a handful of on-paper locks in contention, but the lineup remains fluid, and an absurd celebration of moviemaking could emerge as a dark horse when it's all said and done. A24 has other possibilities on their plate (such as The Florida Project), but they deserve credit for trying to make Wiseau at the Oscars happen.

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Source: A24, THR

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