'The Devil's Double' Trailer Is A Wicked Good Time

The Devil's Double trailer

New trailers for two noteworthy titles that showed earlier this year at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival - Troll  Hunter and Our Idiot Brother - were released just the other day; now there's another theatrical preview for another flick that earned a fair amount of attention at the festival, The Devil's Double.

The film stars Dominic Cooper - better known as the male eye candy in pics like Mamma Mia! or An Education - in dual roles, playing both a regular member of the Iraqi army and the unscrupulous son of Saddam Hussein (circa 1987).

Here is an official synopsis for The Devil's Double:

Summoned from the frontline to Saddam Hussein's palace, Iraqi army lieutenant Latif Yahia (Cooper) is thrust into the highest echelons of the "royal family" when he’s ordered to become the ‘fiday’ – or body double – to Saddam's son, the notorious "Black Prince" Uday Hussein (also Cooper), a reckless, sadistic party-boy with a rabid hunger for sex and brutality.

With his and his family’s lives at stake, Latif must surrender his former self forever as he learns to walk, talk and act like Uday. But nothing could have prepared him for the horror of the Black Prince’s psychotic, drug-addled life of fast cars, easy women and impulsive violence.

Check out the trailer for The Devil's Double (via Yahoo! Movies) below:


While I cannot vouch for the actual film, this trailer for Devil's Double makes for a pretty wicked bit of entertainment - and by that I mean it makes the movie look slick in style and chilling in tone, with Cooper's "Black Prince" coming off like a contemporary (psychotic) playboy whose manner and behavior recalls that of Alex from A Clockwork Orange. Plus, the inclusion of Depeche Mode's "Personal Jesus" is a nice touch.

Cooper seems to do a nice enough job of playing against himself in the footage shown here; the future looks to be good for the gent, between his work in Devil's Double and his involvement with upcoming blockbusters like Captain America and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. It's possible that this trio of films could lead to even bigger and better things for Cooper, possibly landing him an actual starring vehicle in the future. Best to wait and see for now, though.

The Devil's Double begins a limited theatrical release in the U.S. this summer on July 29th.

Source: Yahoo! Movies

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