The Defenders Get Their Own SFX Magazine Covers

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In anticipation of next month's Marvel and Netflix series, the four heroes of The Defenders have each been given their own magazine cover. After years of planning, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist will finally join forces next month as the street-level version of the Avengers. We're now mere weeks away from the four budding superheroes and their allies taking on Sigourney Weaver's adversary and her minions.

As we head towards the premiere of The Defenders, Marvel/Netflix have been slowly giving more and more looks at the series as marketing ramps up. Within the past few weeks, fans have been treated to not one but two new posters featuring the team-up. We've also learned a little bit about what each character will bring to the battle ahead. While all four have big personalities and aren't the best at playing with others, their struggle to work together to tackle a threat larger than any individual will be part of what makes the show captivating. Now, with Comic-Con and the show's release right around the corner, we have a new look at each of the heroes.

SFX have revealed the four covers for this month's issue of their magazine, with each one showcasing a different member of The Defenders. Check them out below:

COVER REVEAL! Which of our four @TheDefenders covers will you choose tomorrow? First up: Daredevil. #SFXDefenders

— SFX magazine (@SFXmagazine) July 18, 2017

COVER REVEAL 2! The second of our four covers from @NetflixUK's @TheDefenders features Jessica Jones. #SFXDefenders

— SFX magazine (@SFXmagazine) July 18, 2017

COVER REVEAL 3! Luke Cage takes the lead on our third cover from @NetflixUK's @TheDefenders. #SFXDefenders

— SFX magazine (@SFXmagazine) July 18, 2017

COVER REVEAL 4! And last up, this month's fourth @TheDefenders cover star is Danny Rand/Iron Fist #SFXDefenders

— SFX magazine (@SFXmagazine) July 18, 2017

While the covers don't reveal anything, it's possible the story inside will provide some more insight for the show. We'll have to wait for its release tomorrow to know for sure, but the covers do help keep the excitement alive for the upcoming series.

With The Defenders coming to Comic-Con this week along with ABC's Inhumans, we should learn a lot more about both Marvel TV shows soon. Though it's unlikely they'll crossover, some sort of Easter egg in either show to the other heroes of Marvel's television universe would be exciting.

In the meantime, the heroes teaming up in The Defenders will also point towards the future of each character's solo series. We know that DaredevilJessica Jones, and Luke Cage will all be back for new seasons next year, likely dealing with the fallout from next month's show. Meanwhile, the future for Iron Fist is unclear. We've heard the titular hero will be growing a lot on The Defenders, so perhaps his path forward will be revealed following the release of the new show.

The Defenders will be available for streaming on Netflix starting August 18.

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Source: SFX

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