15The Defenders Includes Far More Than The Core Four

Marvel Netflix Characters Foggy Nelson Misty Knight Trish Walker Colleen Wing Claire Temple

The title characters in each of the previous Marvel Netflix series might make up the team known as the Defenders, but they aren’t the only familiar faces appearing in the series.


style="font-weight: 400;">’s main characters Karen Page and Foggy Nelson will be putting in appearances, while Malcolm Ducasse and Trish Walker will be involved from Jessica Jones, Misty Knight from Luke Cage, and Colleen Wing from Iron Fist. Considering Foggy and Karen both have high profile jobs in New York now, Malcolm became Jessica’s assistant at the tail end of her series, and the latter three ladies all possess serious fighting skills, those probably aren’t a huge surprise.

Also appearing? Jeri Hogarth and Claire Temple. Claire has become the glue holding the Netflix shows together, appearing in every season of every series so far, but Jeri has also crossed over from Jessica Jones into Iron Fist and Daredevil at this point, so expect to see plenty of them.

Oh, and Madame Gao will be along for the ride as well!

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