The Dark Tower: New Set Photos Show Idris Elba in Action

Dark Tower - The Gunslinger

After more than a decade in development, the film adaptation of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower is moving right along. Director Nikolaj Arcel began production on the movie in April, leading a cast that includes Matthew McConaughey as villain Walter Padick, “The Man in Black,” and Idris Elba as Roland Deschain, the Gunslinger. While filming began in South Africa, much of the action right now seems to be focused in New York City, where Elba and young co-star Tom Taylor were recently seen on set.

Photos of the two lead characters have slowly been leaking out, like McConaughey dressed all in black for the first time, or Elba donning his pistols in front of a green screen. A newer set of behind the scenes images also showed Elba in his full western getup, complete with a long coat and vest. And in another instance, producer Ron Howard was seen posing for a photo with Elba as a way to mark progress on the upcoming film. Yet now we have our first images of the leading man in action as Deschain is seen getting rough in another series of set photos.

As the shoot continues in New York City, Elba filmed an intense fight scene this weekend in the blistering sun, which also included the use of his stunt double. The actor was seen running, brandishing a knife, and even getting into a physical scuffle. At one point, Elba had to take off his outwear and open up his shirt to get some relief from the heat on the rooftop. Another shoot this weekend involved co-star Jackie Earle Haley (playing high ranking can-toi Sayre), who has black dots all over his face for some kind of CGI.


The Dark Tower - Idris Elba is Roland Deschain

It's not clear who this mysterious bad guy in the first shoot might be, though he is of course dressed all in black. The dead goon also appears to have been using some kind of futuristic gun, but clearly he wasn't a match for the Gunslinger. Just Jared described the fight scene ending with Elba also shooting at some guys below on the ground, so this appears to be just one part of a larger action sequence.

King's fantasy epic, which he's described as his magnum opus, is also part science fiction, part western and part horror, so there's no telling what could be going on in just this one scene. Except that a chase scene which leads to a fight scene with Deschain against multiple baddies is probably an important point in his quest to finding The Man in Black. It seems director Arcel saved all the big action sequences for the end of the shoot, as The Dark Tower should be starting to wrap up filming over the next month or two.

The Dark Tower will see theatrical release in the U.S. on February 17, 2017.

Source: Just Jared

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