The Dark Tower Delivers 3 New Thrilling TV Spots

The Dark Tower has released three new TV spots for the upcoming film. Stephen King first began writing stories about a gunslinger named Roland when he was still in college. He eventually published five short stories in the late '70s and early '80s. In 1982 those five stories were combined into a single book -- The Gunslinger. Over the next 30 years he published 7 more books in the series, creating a vast landscape and epic adventure. Characters, locations, and events from some of his other books and short stories became a part of The Dark Tower series, while people and elements from Roland's quest have also popped up in King's other works.

As those who have read the entire series know, the books don't exactly end happily for Roland. Not so much adapted from the books as a sequel to them, the film will show what happens when Roland takes another approach to his journey. Three new TV spots have been released by Sony Pictures, showing some elements of the story that seem quite familiar to fans of the books. And some that are very new. The first of these spots can be seen above, and the other two are right here:

The first clip deals with Roland explaining the history of the Gunslingers and what his mission is -- to kill The Man in Black. It appears that he is mostly talking to Jake, the young boy he finds and takes under his wing. It also ends with a bit of levity, as a doctor from our world (Roland comes from a parallel world but occasionally finds himself traveling to ours) is rather confused at his lack of injuries.

The second TV spot involves Roland speaking some words that will sound very familiar to fans of the books. "I do not aim with my hand, I aim with my eye. I do not shoot with my hand, I shoot with my mind. I do not kill with my gun, I kill with my heart." In the books, this mantra is a bit more detailed. In the middle of each sentence is another thought -- "He who aims/shoots/kills with his hand/gun has forgotten the face of his father." Whether the entire quote is used in the film or is cut they way it is in the spot remains to be seen.

The final spot is not from Roland's perspective, it is from the point of view of The Man in Black. Roland's enemy reminds the Gunslinger that everyone he loves is dead -- by The Man in Black's hand. He assures Roland that no matter what, the tower will fall. And that "Death always wins." There is a pretty neat moment when The Man in Black touched a wall where the words "All hail the Crimson King' are painted in red. The Crimson King is the leader of the story's villains, including The Man in Black, making the graffiti a pretty great Easter egg for fans.

While the film The Dark Tower is continuing the story of the books instead of being a more typical adaption, it is clear that the original stories are being honored and referenced. Seems like fans have plenty to look forward to when the long-awaited movie finally comes to theaters later this summer.

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Source: Sony Pictures

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