SR Pick [Video]: The Dark Knight vs. Blade Trailer

Bloodthirsty creatures of the night are stalking the streets of Gotham City. They are the undead, and they hunger for the blood of Gotham's citizens. As one savage killing leads to another, Gotham's Dark Knight, Batman, takes to the moonlit streets to track down the bloodsucking killers before Gotham is overrun by legions of the undead.

However, Batman is not the only one on the case - for where there are vampires there is Blade, the vampire hunter hellbent on his mission to rid the world of nightstalkers forever. But when The Day Walker clashes with The Dark Knight, can the two heroes put aside their differences to save Gotham from the vampire hordes?

That very question is the heart of the new upcoming superhero crossover film, The Dark Knight vs. Blade, and we here at Screen Rant have your very first look at the full theatrical trailer!

The Dark Knight vs. Blade stars Christian Bale and Wesley Snipes, reprising their iconic roles as Batman and Blade. Gary Oldman and Kris Kristofferson aslo return as Commissioner Gordon and Whistler, respectively.

But enough talk - onto the trailer!


Ok, so by now you know that this isn't an ACTUAL movie trailer, but rather another cool mashup from "Silverlightsaber" the YouTube guru who brought us past classic superhero movie mashups as "The Incredible Hulk vs. Wolverine Trailer" and "Superman vs. Superman (Christopher Reeve vs. Brandon Routh)". The mashups are pretty entertaining and The Dark Knight vs. Blade is certainly a cool entry in the series, as far as I'm concerned.

What did you think - are you sorry you won't be seeing The Dark Knight vs. Blade in a theater near you?

Source: YouTube

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