The Dark Knight Viral Site Updated

Before and after look at which has been completely updated

One of our readers (thanks, Patrick!) alerted us to the fact that one of the viral websites set up for this summer's blockbuster The Dark Knight has been completely updated and redesigned.

Much like the Joker-related viral sites, this one is also asking for people to submit pictures and video. No doubt submissions will not be as creepy and will not put submitters on neighborhood watch lists. :-)

There's also an announcement stating that Harvey Dent will be touring the country on his campaign trail, and they have downloadable graphics and such that you can use in whatever photos or videos you may want to submit to them.

The deadline for entry submissions is midnight on March 26th. You can head over to to see more info and submit something if you're so inclined.

It might be your chance at being seen by tons of folks online. :-)

The Dark Knight opens on July 18th, 2008.

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