The Dark Knight Update

I haven't posted any news on the Batman Begins sequel The Dark Knight in a while so here's a summary of what's been going on...

The big news is that a Wizard World-only teaser trailer was shown at that Con. Much like the reaction to the Iron Man trailer in San Diego, people seem to be going nuts over it (in a good way). And no, there's no bootleg footage of the trailer online - at least not yet.

Here are some bullet points from the trailer (as described by Batman-on-Film):

- Alfred saying "Some people just want to watch the world burn."

- Shots of the Batmobile and the Batpod in action.

- The first meeting between Bruce Wayne and Harvey Dent. "The famous Bruce Wayne," says Dent, "Rachel told me all about you." "I hope not," Bruce responds.

- Several brief shots of Heath Ledger as The Joker - Bill over at BoF says "he’s one sick and sadistic-looking bastard."

- Commissioner Gordon talking about The Joker not having any sort of ID ("Only lint and a knife") - no fingerprints, etc.

- The Joker and Rachel dancing -- from the "Why So Serious" image that came out a few weeks ago.

- The Joker blasting away with a machine gun surrounded by flames.

- Batman beating the heck out of The Joker in a holding cell…

- Someone asking Harvey Dent (who we only see from behind), "Dent? I thought you were dead?" with Harvey responding: "Half." I guess he becomes Two-Face in this movie.

In the panel discussion writer David Goyer stated that the movie version of the Joker is "eerily close to the first appearances of the Joker" in the comics.

In The Dark Knight website-related news, the official website still has the warp speed Batman logo which links to the I Believe in Harvey Dent site. There's been no change to with it's page not found error and hidden "Ha Ha's" throughout the page.

What's interesting is that the official teaser trailer that was released a while back can no longer be viewed on any of the official websites. It used to be at, but that now just redirects visitors directly to the newer which is populated with images of people who showed up at the San Diego Comic-Con to have Joker makeup applied to their faces. (You can still see the teaser over at /Film.)

That's about everything to this point regarding The Dark Knight, which is looking like yet another awesome superhero movie for 2008!

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