The Dark Knight Story Direction

David Goyer has spilled a bit on the direction The Dark Knight will be taking in a recent interview with MTV:

"The last scene of Batman Begins tells you where things are going to go in the next movie. That was very intentional. We paved the way. For people interested in where the next movie is going to go, watch that scene again."

I don't know about you, but I'll be popping in my Batman Begins DVD and skipping to that last scene. :-)

He also added:

"Escalation [is the theme of The Dark Knight]. Escalation is certainly [the biggest theme]."

Somehow I don't get the feeling this Batman sequel will be light entertainment. As creepy as Scarecrow was in the first film, I think Goyer and Nolan are going to trump that with the next movie.

Source: MTV via Batman on Film

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The Dark Knight Story Direction