The Dark Knight In IMAX

At least a few scenes in the Batman Begins sequel The Dark Knight will be shot in IMAX format. Specifically, four action sequences, including the introduction of the Joker will be shot in the super-hi-res IMAX format. There's a lot of talk regarding 3-D being the "next big thing" but I think that IMAX is right up there as far as a big screen movie experience.

IMAX film is twice the width of standard film (70mm vs 35mm) and delivers an incredibly clear and huge image on the screen. Any time a major action/sci-fi/superhero film is showing in IMAX, I make the trip to go see it. For one thing, you have the reasons I've already described, but in addition (at least where I go) it's reserved seating, plus I find that the folks in the audience are more of the movie buff type and therefore tend to not yak during the movie or use their cell phones.

One thing that I'm confused about (and maybe one of my readers can clear this up for me), is that the source article states:

"...The Dark Knight, will become the first feature film to be partly shot in the IMAX format..."

I know that 300 was shown at IMAX theaters and I just watched Spider-Man 3 in IMAX as well. As I recall, the picture quality was excellent during Spidey 3 and I did not have the following impression as indicated in the USA Today piece:

"Typically, the feature films that play in IMAX theaters are simply stretched out to fill the enormous screens. That can dilute the picture quality and give the movie a wide, squat look."

As far as I know, these movies were digitally remastered to upgrade the quality for display on the monster-sized screens. If this is possible, I'm not sure I understand what the advantage is of filming it in IMAX format if the process is so difficult.

Any IMAX experts out there?

Source: USA Today

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