The Dark Knight: IMAX Preview, Trailer Update & New Poster

[UPDATE: It's finally online! Check out the brand new Dark Knight trailer here!]

Let's just roll a few news items into one regarding The Dark Knight, shall we?

First, we have a description of the six minute preview highlighting the Joker that will be shown with the IMAX version of I Am Legend. Over at they have a very detailed breakdown of the entire six minute clip. If you want to know any more and be completely spoiled, head on over. You won't see any details here because despite the fact that I run a movie site, dammit I still want to be surprised sometimes.

What I have heard that isn't spoilerish is that on its own it makes a fantastic short film, one of the best short films of 2007.

Next, the word is that an actual trailer for The Dark Knight will be playing before the regular theatrical release of I Am Legend. I'm heading to the nearest IMAX to see the Will Smith apocalyptic flick, so with my luck they won't show both the trailer and the preview.

Finally, today we have a new poster for The Dark Knight. As my bud Peter said over at /Film, it would have been much more impressive if we didn't already know what Heath Ledger looks like as the Joker.

For an even larger version head over to

The Dark Knight opens on July 18, 2008.

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