The Dark Knight: 4 New International Posters!

I love the summer: the weather is better, the movies are bigger and life just seems so much better in general.

Today it got even better with these cool new international posters for The Dark Knight, a little film that has been generating some positive buzz.

This really has to be one of the best summers in recent memory for movies... well we haven't seen them yet - but they look good. Fingers crossed.

I'll stop rambling now, you really just want to see these Batman posters.

Continue reading to have your mind blown!

Like I said, pretty mind blowing.

I feel that the character portraits are more in keeping with the current "moody" marketing campaign, while the Bat Pod poster seems to be highlighting the action in the film.

In particular I like the foreshadowing of the Harvey Dent poster.

The more I see of this film and the marketing the more excited I'm becoming - I've been a life long Batman fan and I feel that this is the Batman film I've waited 20 years to see.

The Dark Knight opens on July, 18 or July, 25 for me in the UK.

Source: Omelete

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