The Crown: MBTI® Of The Main Characters

Before The Crown finally returns on November 17th with its third season, we thought we'd dissect the main characters' minds. We all know that this show follows the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, and the journey is a pretty dramatic and incredible one.

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Not surprisingly, we meet lots of characters along the way that offer totally different personalities. This show has wildly dynamic characters, and they definitely deserve a bit of attention. So, here are 10 characters and their Myer-Briggs Type Indicators.

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10 Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, ENFJ

Philip is quite an interesting and dynamic character. While it's hard to get a perfect read on him, we're going to place him here. Philip is clearly extroverted; he loves chatting with people and it comes naturally to him to carry a conversation. He is also a natural born leader - with passion, charisma, and confidence.

However, Philip is also quick to anger and often is the victim of powerful emotions. This personality type is also likely to feel as if they aren't doing enough, or view problems as their own. This is pretty obvious with the entire my-wife-is-the-Queen thing. Philip definitely encompasses extroversion, intuition, feeling, and judgment.

9 Antony Armstrong-Jones, ISFP

Antony, the photographer that marries Margaret, is definitely flexible and charming. He's always ready for new experiences and lives life through a colorful lens. This character definitely pushes the limits of social convention, meaning he isn't exactly all for tradition.

As well, this personality type is creative - and often uses art to experiment and explore. It's no secret that this gentleman falls under introversion, sensing, feeling, and perceiving. He checks off the boxes pretty perfectly, actually.

8 Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, ISFJ

This personality type often combines conservatism with helping others. Sure, this character is definitely reserved, and, well, doesn't do a whole lot, but she is still kind to her daughters and wants what is best for them.

This type offers kindness and help, but often remains in the background and allows others to take over leadership roles. We think this is pretty fitting, and the Queen Mother definitely represents introversion, sensing, feeling, and judging.

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7 Peter Townsend, INTJ

We'd likely file Peter, Margaret's first main man, under INTJ. This type of person is often soft-spoken, but they have strong opinions and will fight for their ideas. Peter likes his privacy, but he's also ambitious. He uses knowledge as a tool and is definitely not easily fooled or outsmarted.

Peter is a very serious character, which is in-keeping with this personality type. He uses logic as his main tool and he is more than willing to sacrifice things for the more reasonable choice. It goes without saying that Peter represents introversion, intuition, thinking, and judging. Pretty much the opposite of Margaret's next book, to be honest.

6 Martin Charteris, ENFP

You'll remember Martin as the Queen's secretary who took over for Tommy. This character is charming, charismatic, caring, and witty. This type of personality is said to be a free spirit - one that enjoys social connections but who is also independent and an analytic problem-solver.

This type of person is likely to be curious, full of energy, but also full of compassion and stability. This pretty much sums up this lovable character, doesn't it? Martin without a doubt demonstrates extroversion, intuition, feeling, and perceiving.

5 Princess Margaret, ESTP

We are all obsessed with Margaret's rebellious, free, and strong spirit, right? Right. Well, the motto for this personality is quite literally "life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all" (Helen Keller). This type of person is always at a party, fitting in with a group, laughing, and loves being the center of attention.

However, this type is also intelligent, and will always look to keep busy rather than sitting idle and letting life slip by. They're also the most likely personality type to engage in risky lifestyles, and they're often surrounded by drama and passion. That's pretty encompassing, honestly, and Margaret definitely represents extroversion, sensing, thinking, and perceiving.

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4 Anthony Eden, ENTJ

You'll remember this man as the secretary under Churchill, who eventually becomes Prime Minister after him. You'll probably also remember that his health isn't too great. This man definitely takes on the "commander" type personality. Mainly, he's a natural leader, but he is very traditional and doesn't take kindly to outside opinions or ways of doing things.

This type of person is goal-oriented, strategic, and relentless. They aren't the most sensitive or personable people, and they're known as being extremely focused and unforgiving on the job. Ultimately, Anthony represents extroversion, intuition, thinking, and judgment.

3 King George VI, INFJ

Elizabeth's and Margaret's father definitely was a strong, intelligent man. He had a goal to make a lasting impact, and this personality type often helps others as their sole purpose in life. This type of person is usually soft-spoken, but they are also strong-willed, decisive, and selfless.

This person will have incredible conviction, logic, and compassion. If this doesn't sum up the wonderful King, we don't know what does. He represents introversion, intuition, feeling, and judgment.

2 Alan "Tommy" Lascelles, INTJ

Tommy was the personal secretary to King George and was as well for the Queen for a brief time. This character is the all-knowing master, honestly, and he's pretty mysterious and powerful. This type of person feeds on knowledge and analysis, and will likely be ambitious, private, curious, and focused.

They don't like distractions, and they might even be a bit pessimistic at times. They bring perfectionism to everything they do, and they are far from impulsive. Sounds like Tommy, right? He represents introversion, intuition, thinking, and judgment. Pretty much as analytical as you can be.

1 Queen Elizabeth II, ISTJ

We all love the Queen for her strength, conviction, and selflessness. This personality type has an immaculate dedication to their duty - they take responsibility very seriously, and are patient and meticulous. These type of people are no-nonsense, practical, and goal and action-oriented. They will sacrifice their personal gain for their obligations almost immediately, and this personality type will definitely be self-sufficient, logical, and highly value integrity.

This person might also struggle to express emotion or, well, personality, but you can always trust them to be honest, stable, and selfless. Honestly, the wonderful Queen checks off all of these boxes almost too perfectly, and we love every ounce of her that represents introversion, sensing, thinking, and judgment.

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