The Crown: 10 Best Costumes On The Show, Ranked

The Crown is about to come back for its third season on November 17th, 2019, and we know you're just as excited as we are. Unfortunately, the brilliant Claire Foy will not be returning, but we respect the show's commitment to realism and a super quick royal timeline. This show is intense, dramatic, and features a brilliant script, cast, and director. Every scene is bound to blow you away with how stunning it is to the eye, and of course, that definitely includes the costumes.

From every gown to every suit, this show is absolutely slaying the game with its gorgeous costuming. We'd like to take a second to thank the brilliant masterminds behind these looks, Michele Clapton (season 1) and Jane Petrie (season 2). We know there are way too many beautiful costumes to keep track of, so we thought we'd make a list. So without further ado, here are the 10 best costumes on the show, ranked.

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10 The Safari Look

This look is one of the least royal ones on the show, but we still love it. In the first season, we get to see a bit more adventure from the Queen and her man. These costumes are clearly fitting for, well, a safari, but these characters are slaying them. We're definitely behind this look, and we kind of want to go on our own safari now. To be honest, we're especially loving those hats.

9 Elizabeth's Casual Blue

Let's be honest - we all love this outfit. Sure, it's pretty simple, but it's absolutely perfect for her character. That pleated skirt, comfy cardigan, and nice button-up dress shirt has all the makings of a Queen in her home. Sure, we're also loving that suit jacket, but we really care about Elizabeth's classic look. This show would be nothing without this costume, right?

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8 Shimmering Blue

It's not a secret that Queen Elizabeth will be taking up most of the spots on the list. I mean, she's the Queen, and she's slaying every outfit that comes her way. This outfit, however, we love because of it's simplicity and subtle royal flair. That material is shimmering in the sun, and we're also digging the hat and gloves. Looking royal, my Queen.

7 Margaret's Coat

We sincerely couldn't live with ourselves if we didn't include this stunning coat. Sure, it's not the most extravagant thing on this list, but we ALL want an exact replica of this masterpiece in our closets. To be honest, Margaret slays in whatever she's put in, but we're especially loving this fuzzy, colorful coat. If this coat doesn't sum up Margaret's personality, we're not sure what does. Oh yeah, we'll also take those sunglasses, too.

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6 The Green Dress

Honestly, we almost made this entire list about Margaret. We're not blind to the fact that she totally loves to look good, but hey, she's at least successful at it. This dress is modest, mature, and absolutely stunning. We want to jump back in time so we can steal all of Margaret's looks. Or, we can just bring it back to 2019. While she wears a ton of dresses throughout the series, this is definitely one of our favs.

5 Philip's Uniform

Philip's uniform had to make this list. The guys are killing this series with their fancy suits and military get-ups, but we had to pick our favorites - so we settled with this uniform. Philip not only looks incredibly handsome, but this costume is absolutely beautiful. Every single button and detail is magnificent, and it would be a crime not to include it on this list.

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4 Jackie Kennedy and Queen Elizabeth

While we couldn't pick which one of these dresses we liked more, we thought we'd include them both. Yes, the men are absolutely dashing in those black suits and black ties, and they definitely deserve a shout out. However, Jackie Kennedy's gorgeous strapless gown and timeless white gloves are beautiful. Clearly, we also love Elizabeth's blue jewelry and stunning, glittery gown. These ladies are killing it, and there's no questions these gowns deserve spot #4 on this list.

3 The Tweed Suits

As if Margaret wasn't already slaying us with all of her stunning gowns, she also has the floor with this tweed suit. Seriously, is there anything she can't pull off? Also, that man is seriously handsome in that beautiful, checkered tweed suit. Do we even have to mention his tie and her silk scarf? These costumes are breathtaking, and we're applauding the costume designer endlessly for them.

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2 Margaret's Ball Gown

It would be a shame if Margaret didn't take the silver medal with this gorgeous gown. Words can't even describe how much we are absolutely loving that satin gown with the sparkly bodice. Not to mention that fur coat, which completes this look so perfectly we literally all want to be her right now. Seriously, this costume is absolutely stunning through every inch, and we're praising the hell out of the work that went into it.

1 The Wedding Gown

While it might be predictable, it goes without saying that this gown deserves the #1 spot on this list. Honestly, we wish we could have included many more of Elizabeth's stunning ball gowns, but 10 is a pretty small number. So, we settled for this absolutely beautiful wedding gown that blew all of us away. Honestly, her father's suit is also breathtaking, but we're definitely all looking at the Queen. We're all ready to bow to you in that, that's for sure.

We're definitely prepared for season 3, which has the beautiful and brilliant Olivia Colman (who recently won an Oscar for The Favourite). Honestly, this list was seriously difficult to choose 10 costumes, and we can't wait for all the stunning ones to come. We'll miss you, Claire Foy and Vanessa Kilby, but we're more than confident that the new cast will have equally as brilliant costumes.

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