'The Crow' Creator Gives Movie Reboot Update

Brandon Lee in The Crow

After years of struggling its way towards a reboot, The Crow has once again been hit with a seemingly insurmountable setback, with the news that Relativity Media, the studio which licensed the film's rights, had declared bankruptcy. But, according to the series' creator James O'Barr, the reboot is not finished, and may rise again at another studio.

The original film version was made in 1994 by director Alex Proyas, and despite an on-set accident leading to the death of its star, Brandon Lee, the film developed a cult following. A few not-well-received sequels later, and talk soon turned to the inevitable reboot/remake - which has been stuck in pre-production almost since its inception, going through a number of casting and production changes, not to mention the current setback due to Relativity Media's financial woes. Apparently, though, it will take more than Chapter 11 bankruptcy to keep this project down.

According to, O'Barr spoke at Twin Tiers Comic Con and discussed Relativity's bankruptcy, as well as the possibility of moving the project to a new studio.

"It’s still very much a live property. The company, Pressman Films, that owns The Crow film and TV rights, licensed it to a studio named Relativity. And Relativity made like a hundred bad movies and lost money so now they’re in financial trouble. So the producers are just going to take it to another studio if Relativity can’t get backing again. It's going to happen."

O'Barr elaborated on The Crow's options, sounding confident the troubled project would be moving forward.

"The day Relativity announced that they were having financial problems, there were like a dozen other studios that called about getting The Crow property. It definitely will happen."

The Crow Remake casting update

Such turmoil is nothing new for a film that has experienced far more change than stability over the years. It cycled through directors Stephen Norrington, F. Javier Gutierrez, and Juan Carlos Fresnadillo before landing Corin Hardy, who is still currently attached to direct. The lead role of Eric has also been the source of high turnover with Mark Wahlberg, Bradley Cooper, Tom HiddlestonAlexander Skarsgård, Luke Evans, and Jack Huston all attached at one point. Huston is the most recent actor to abandon the project, citing scheduling conflicts mid-June.

Whether another studio would be willing to take on The Crow after years of production chaos remains to be seen. Though with the current popularity of comic book adaptations, and The Crow's recognizable name, it seems likely that many studios would jump at the chance to capitalize on Relativity's troubles.

Regardless of what production company it stays at or moves to, chances are we have not heard the last of The Crow.


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