Crow Reboot to Start Shooting This Summer?

Comics2Film received exclusive word from director Stephen Norrington that his planned reboot of The Crow might start filming as soon as this summer.

Norrington apparently had several films on his slate, including a supernatural WWII film called The Lost Patrol; Crow fans were worried that those other projects would delay production on this new Crow film. However, details provided by Norrington suggest that The Crow is the hottest property on his list right now, and that the green light from the studio could come sooner before later.

Here's what Norrington had to say about The Crow reboot:

"The producer and visual effects people are crunching numbers...We've opened discussions with major cast but nothing is final yet...Cast and budget and schedules will no doubt continue to adjust all equations."

Norrington also added that he hopes to "shoot in the summer, but nothing's certain...Is it ever?"

The producer behind The Crow reboot is Ryan Kavanaugh and the film will be released by Relativity Media. As for who should play the new Crow? We here at Screen Rant have already started speculating on which actor should fill the shoes of the late Brandon Lee; if you want throw your two cents into that discussion, go HERE.

This Crow reboot is something that I'm 100% behind. Many think that the Alex Proyas / Brandon Lee film that came out in 1994 is THE definitive take on the character, but I was never convinced. Too much of the '94 film was hokey and/or weird to me; Proyas' take was too much Goth style, like some twisted Pearl Jam video - and, despite the hard R-rating, the film lacked a feeling of real menace and intensity. I also thought that the '94 film spent too much time focusing on side characters and/or subplots. I'm personally hoping this new version will correct those missteps.

The Crow reboot is tentatively slated for release in 2011. Are you hoping it starts shooting this summer in order to make that release date?

Source: Comics2Film

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