'Before The Fall' Director in Talks for 'The Crow' Reboot

Despite recent reports that 28 Weeks Later helmer Juan Carlos Fresnadillo might direct The Crow reboot,    Fangoria is reporting that there is in fact another Spanish director who may land the job: F. Javier Gutiérrez.

If you don't know the name Gutiérrez was responsible for writing and directing the sci-fi thriller Before The Fall (Tres Días), which examined how one family tried to survive the end of the world (and all the hell that rains down on them).

Though Gutiérrez's resume may be short (he has directed two short films, Before The Fall is his only feature), the director made enough of an impression to at least warrant him a shot at The Crow reboot. Gutiérrez is also a rising star, with multiple films on his slate of in-development projects, including House of Horror, a film he is making under Insidious director and Saw creator James Wan's new deal with Icon entertainment.

So while Gutiérrez may not be a name you know now, he's likely to be a name you know in the next few years. Directing The Crow would certainly be a way for him to gain major exposure, quickly.

While I'm all for a good Spanish showdown, I can't say that I've got a real dog in this fight. 28 Weeks Later was an okay movie; that opening chase sequence in particular was awesome and thrilling enough to have inspired its own parodies. So Fresnadillo certainly has the true grit (see what I did there?) to make The Crow the visceral experience that fans of the original comic book character would surely appreciate.

I hadn't seen Before The, before I did some research for this post; it too seems pretty disturbing and gritty - a good match for material like The Crow.

At this point Crow fans are simply waiting to hear something get finalized with this reboot (or see it disappear into development limbo, either or). After rumors like Mark Wahlberg starring as The Crow or Stephen Norrington directing or even that the movie would start shooting last summer, any piece of solid and authentic news will surely be welcome.

We'll keep you updated about progress on the The Crow reboot's development.

Source: Fangoria

Crow Artwork by Peter Stout

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